Friday, July 31, 2009

Year 8 Boys Netball Report!

On Wednesday the 22nd of July the Year 8 Boy’s A Team went out to Morrin Rd to the Auckland Netball Centre to play hard and stand tall.

Our first game was against Farmcove. They were a hard team to beat and we lost 5-2.

Our next game was against Buckland Beach. This was also a challenging game and we lost again 7-4.

Howick Intermediate was our third game. They were again a hard team to beat and that’s why we lost 12-6

The forth game was against Ellersile. This was the most difficult game and again we lost a big 24-0.

After the match we had a break. This was a chance to get ready and prepared for the next match so some of us practiced.

The fifth game was against Sommerville intermediate and we lost 8-5.

Our sixth and final game was against St. Heliers. They were good at defence but not at attack. It was a fun game but again we lost 4-3.

We had an enjoyable time but lost lots of games. We would like to Thank Mr. Fatialofa and Mr. Utanga for coaching us and the team for playing hard and having fun!!

By Boaza and Eli Room 15

Year 8 Girls Netball Report!

On the 22nd of July 2009, 8 teams from our school travelled down to the Morrin Road Netball Courts to compete in the Netball Tournament. There were 4 year 7 teams and 4 year 8 teams that went.

The first team we played against was Howick. That was a challenging game and we lost 10-11.

The next team we challenged was Farmcove. We tried our best to stay in the lead but unfortunately we lost 18-20.

We were all tired but we had another game. This time we versed Baradene. In the beginning we were winning but most of our team players gave up and we drew 8-8.

We had a 10 minute break and then it was time for our next game. It was against Remuera. They were an easy team and we won 17-15.

Wow! That was a very close game

Our last game was against Mission Heights. They were not that hard to beat and in the end we won 11-3.

We had finished playing our games so we went to watch the boys. They played very well. Congratulations to them! We all had a fun but tiring day.

We would like to thank the girls for trying their best and our umpires Rebecca and Mary for coaching us that day.

Valerie and Courtney Room 15.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taiapa's holiday recount

During the holidays my team mates and I went to Christchurch for a soccer tournament. We flew there on the fourth of July. When we arrived there, we got together and walked towards the bus stop to take us to our apartment we hired. When we got to the apartment we unpacked our bags then we hopped into our beds and went to sleep.
The next morning we woke up and got changed. After that we got ready for breakfast. We all had porridge, toast and milo. Later, we went to catch a bus to our game. Our team was very excited to be in a new place to challenge other teams.
We played against a team called the Coastal Spirits. We stayed in Christchurch for a week and we played many teams. We won one game. We tried really hard and developed some skills during our games.
It was time for us to pack our bags and clean up the apartment. When we finished we had pizza for dinner and then caught the bus to the Airport. Then we boarded the plane to fly back to Auckland.
When we arrived at Auckland airport, our family members were waiting for us. I got home and went straight to bed and fell asleep as I was very tired.
This experience gave my team and me confidence, skills and passion for playing soccer.
By Taiapa Room 16

Synergy's holiday recount

When the holidays started I was so happy that I could finally have a few days off school. When I got home I decided I wanted to turn my room into a home cinema. The first thing I did was sell my standard CRT T.V. and my two computers on ‘Trade me’. After I sold them I bought me a flat screen LCD T.V. and a home theatre system with surround sound speakers. I couldn`t contain my excitement. Then I set it up and watched Will Smith’s movie called Seven Pounds. It seemed like I was actually in a movie theatre. I was happy with my purchase.
Having completed my dream ‘theatre’ makeover for my room, I asked my Mum if she could drop me off to my Dad in Te Aroha. Mum was pleased to do this, when we got there it so windy that my Dads’ neighbour’s house shed roof blew off and went flying down the street. I think it must have been a mini tornado dancing around furiously. The next day my Dad, my aunty and I were about to go to Candyland, but then it started to rain and strong winds began to rush around, we decided to stay in front of the warm fire to play XBOX 360. My aunty had a cool game called ‘Spore’ which I played and enjoyed myself.
When I finally came back home to Auckland, I visited a house called Alberton house. It was a historic mansion. It originally had four acres of garden. It also has a small room which servants lived in. The house also has room for cooks, baker and gardeners. It is an old, historical house. The other days of the holidays I did fun things. I love holidays but miss school for real.
By Synergy

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ship For World Youth!!

The Tamaki Intermediate Year 8 classes were very lucky to have the Ship For World Youth come to our school. They were young people of different nationalities from all parts of the world. They came to share with us their language, culture and interests. Some students from Room 15 wanted to share what they learnt. Check it Out!
P.S. This is not Room 8 but Room 15, Year 8

Room 15 Awesome Book Reviews

Flight From Ledron!!

For two weeks our reading group Shakespeare started to do an independent novel reading. I would like to share the book that the boys in our group read, Flight from Ledron by Diana Noonan.

Flight from Ledron is a book about a talented fourteen year-old boy called Amon and his friends Marco and Hester who live on an island called Ledron. He has a good life living on the isle with his caring mother Lydia. He had all he needed to be as happy as can be until one fateful day that changed his whole life.

On a path of rocks, Amon and Hester were walking and looking for something fun to do until Amon found an injured bird. Seeing the hurt creature made him believe that there is another isle besides Ledron since Ledron doesn’t let any animals live because the animals take up lots of water. Both his friends Hester and Marco knew about the bird and would not tell anyone about it. Every day Amon would sneak some food and water at dinner and give it to the bird that Amon put underneath his bed in a box. He took very good care of it. Amon asked Hester to research about the bird and find out the area it prefers so they would know about the place where it goes. After a few minutes Hester found some information about the bird that Amon had discovered. It was in fact a pigeon. This pigeon liked places where there are lots of space and lots of sunshine. Ledron did not have all those things and besides, Ledron is a small island. Amon knew that if it likes these things then it may have come from another isle.

On the same day in Amon’s bedroom he found something on the leg of the pigeon. It was a band that said “Oasis”. Amon thought it was another name for an island. So with Amon thinking that there was another island, he told his mother about everything and told what he was going to do!. He also told his friends Hester and Marco since Marco knew how to sail and they planed to set sail at Friday at 10:30 sharp! The time came to set sail to find a new island that they could not believe existed. They set sail although they were afraid they would be found out. It was a very dark gloomy night... BANG!!! Gun shots from the border guards came passing inaccurately. The group started to paddle faster and faster!! After 10 minutes they got away from the guards and paddled at normal speed. It took 3 days to get to the island that they could not believe! It was way bigger that Ledron. When they arrived, people found out that they were people from Ledron. They started to welcome the newcomers and gave them lots of food and water. They gave homes and shelters to them and let them live there. After a few hours a strange person came up to Amon and said “Hello Son!” surprised, Amon was very confused for a moment and then Lydia told him that that man was Amon’s long lost father! Amon’s father told them everything about the island and gave them something like a tour. After that Lydia had a job working in a garden home and lived with the rest of the family. Hester and Marco went back to Ledron to get some more people to come to the new island of the Oasis. Amon and his father worked at a pigeon message shop. So everyone had an existing and happy time and lived happily ever after!!

The theme in the story is to follow your heart. The author gives an amazing description of the setting. This is an unusual but awesome story. Highly recommended.

Boaza, Room 15

The Lost King!

For two weeks our reading group Shakespeare started doing independent novel reading. I would like to share with you the book that the girls read, The Lost King by Scot Gardner.

This book is about a boy named Peter King aka Kingy who never wanted to go on a school camp, but was forced to go by his mother. While on camp he was put in a group of 4 with a girl named Emily who he didn’t know, Bethany who had made sarcasm an art form and Jye Sullivan aka Sully who was the bully of the story. Kingy was bullied by Sully ever since primary and now thanks to Sully they had left the track they were on and couldn’t find it; luckily for them they had a few outdoor devices that would help them get back home.

The way the author developed the character Kingy was very effective because he had a lot of outdoor experience even though he wasn’t that into the nature life. Sully was also very dramatic with both girls being in his group but he did take over the group so that was a bit stressful for all of them. This book explains a lot of the character’s emotional feelings like depression and confusion to the remaining characters. The author explains how Sully, Kingy, Emily and Bethany eventually get along with each other, which was a good thing.

In my opinion the most significant conflict in the story was Kingy’s group getting lost in the bush for days because they weren’t rescued or anything. It was their own instinct that got them back home. Getting lost maybe scary, but sometimes when you get lost, you also find what’s real. I think that this book is very interesting for young people 12-14yrs because at this time of their life they aren’t coping much with others. Spending some time together helps them bond and become closer. This book is highly recommended.

Patricia Room 15

Amazing Holiday Highlights!!

First Hair Cutting Ceremony

On a Sunday morning I went to my cousin’s haircutting ceremony because it was his 16th birthday. There was a lot of food and decorations and it looked really cool. It was interesting because I’d never been to a haircutting ceremony and I had a lot of fun. It was very amusing because they put a lot of blankets and sheets on top of my cousin while cutting his hair.

By Melehifo