Thursday, July 2, 2009

Recount of Dziah Performance

On Friday 26th of June it was a cold wet day and we were expecting a crew to come perform for us to fund raise to go to America. To raise money to compete against other dance groups from around the world, they came to perform for us.

Everyone was yelling and screaming for them to come out. First one of the boys from the crew spoke to us and told what they were going to perform. He told us to scream and shout as loud as we could. Their first performance was called Ms Officer it was pretty funny because they were pretending to act like girls. They were all shuffling at the same time and that made the dance r better to watch.

For their second dance they came out individually. The first guy was just showed us how to move like a snake.

The second guy, Willis was cool. Willis kept pretending to be a robot, he was moving around exactly like a robot.

Chris is the NZ champion tap dancer. We were privileged to have him perform for us.
I thought it was pretty cool how fast he was tapping his feet back and forth back and forth.

Finally we have come to the end the last dance. This set is based on the lion king. It was funny at first and exciting in the middle. We had a great time and we will never forget that day.

Everyone said Goodbye to the Dzaih group and a lot of people ran up to them to handshake their hands. When we were walking to the veranda one of the boys approached us and said “did you enjoy the show”. Of course we said yes the show was brilliant and phenomenal. That was an awesome show I hope they come next year.

By Ramona and Whetu (Room 16)


Tama said...

TO:Ramona and Whetu

The dzaiah dance group was great especially the tap dancer, Chris,
he was really fast.

FROM:Tama Junior

Anonymous said...

hey ramona good story and keep doing good work

Miss Hokopaura said...

I really enjoyed the Dziah dance performance too. Great recount of the show guys, you really caught the excitement of it.

Miss Hokopaura

eli,Rm15 said...

Awesome recount Ramona and Whetu!You really explained how exciting it was to you. Good for u!


patrick,rm15 said...

Awesome story Ramona and Tama. Your story caught my attention. Maybe they could teach me some moves.

DJ,Room 15 said...

"Hey Ramona and Tama" that was a great story you wrote. It was really great and keep up the work guys.

Daniel Room15 said...

Awesome recount guys. It seems like you really enjoyed the show.
You gave a good recount of what happened. Well done!

Daniel Room15

Boaza said...

Great recount of the show guys, you really caught the excitement of it. I hope I get to see more of your writing on the blog.

Boaza, Room 15

Ms Pagai said...

Hi Ramona and Tama

Cool Report. It was clear and good writing.

Welldone Team.