Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Term 2 memories and reflections

This term we had an amazing trip to the zoo. We learnt a lot of facts
about animal adaptations.
Enjoyed a visit from Ivan Cleary. He taught us some cool ball skills for
Rotary club has given us some neat chapter books to read for SSR.
Magnificent speeches we made. Ramona came third in the school.

Technology was terrific with Mrs Toon and Mr Brainch. They taught us a lot of
new skills.
We had a very good term with Miss Walley and we are going to miss her. We
hope she has a good time in America and England.
Orpheus/ Calliope/ Leander/ Achilles were competing for the house shield.
Everyone is trying their best in house sports.

Remarkable performances from the dance group Deziah we saw.
Our class has been searching for information for our inquiry learning.
Outstanding pieces of art about sustainability encouraged others to stop
throwing rubbish on the ground.
Marvellous measurement posters called body gardens were creatively made.

Some wonderful performances from the Tongan Trip Group we saw.
Intelligent poems/rhymes about sustainability we wrote.
Xtreme pressure on all kids who did a lot of tests during the term.
Thanks to the student teacher Miss Aris we did a lot of enjoyable stuff.
Extraordinary rugby teams from Tamaki Intermediate did well.
EHSAS improved our literacy and we created movies for the blog page.
Neat and wonderful work was produced this term too by Room 16.

By Olivia and Sela (Room 16)

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