Friday, July 3, 2009

The U19 World Basketball Championships

On Thursday 2nd July some of the chosen year 8’s went to the North Shore Stadium to watch U.S.A vs. Iran at the under 19 World Championships.

We arrived at the stadium at 9.30. The game hadn’t started yet so we waited outside for a little while and then we went in. When we got inside it was a massive stadium. We waited for the game to start. Before the game started we had to stand up and support the national anthem of both teams. The game finally started and Iran scored a try, then U.S.A. At half time Iran was down 28-56. We had something to eat and Mr Fatialofa bought us some chips while we were waiting. The second half was pretty intense with Iran slowly catching up but U.S.A managed to hold on and win 106-54. We were very happy because we were supporting them. After the game had finished we went and did some basketball games with the staff. We didn’t stay very long because Miss Tauri had arrived to pick us up. So we said thank you to everyone and then hopped in the van and headed back to school.

Special thanks go out to Miss Waetford and our teachers for choosing us and Mr Fatialofa, Miss Tauri and Miss Gaun for getting us there and back safely.

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Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Wow you guys were so lucky going to see such awesome talent. Do you realise that USA were the eventual winners! Do you have a Tamaki Team this year?
Looking forward to more news from your school.
Mrs Nua