Friday, July 3, 2009

Anthony and Meshaqs Term Two Recount

Hi our names are Meshaq and Anthony. In week 6 our class started on our art, we used paint, pastel, tooth picks. Step 1 we needed to color our paper with different colored pastels. . Step 2 we had to paint the paper with black paint .We also had to wait for the paint to dry. Step 3 we had to scratch out the paint. Our design was based on Dunkirk River.

In the school I.C.T room we used the computer to publish our school work, like an acrostic animal adaptation poem. We also used the computer for blogging so we can look at other schools work and share our work with them.

In technology class our teacher Mr Brainch taught us how to make a board game. We needed wood, hammer, nails, wires, glue, and light bulb. Mr Brainch helps us.

We had house sports every Friday. Most of the time we play tug of war. There are 4 houses which are Calliope, Orpheus, Leander and ACHILLES ! We are in ACHILLES our house has won two house shields!

Overall we have had an awesome term and hope for an even better term next term.

Meshaq and Anthony (Room 16)

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Christopher,rm15 said...

Hey good work there. I did wat you did in wood class too. It's fun once we finished it, people got some places wrong. The country that i did was nz and i hoep Achllies win the next house sports. Calliope will