Thursday, July 30, 2009

Synergy's holiday recount

When the holidays started I was so happy that I could finally have a few days off school. When I got home I decided I wanted to turn my room into a home cinema. The first thing I did was sell my standard CRT T.V. and my two computers on ‘Trade me’. After I sold them I bought me a flat screen LCD T.V. and a home theatre system with surround sound speakers. I couldn`t contain my excitement. Then I set it up and watched Will Smith’s movie called Seven Pounds. It seemed like I was actually in a movie theatre. I was happy with my purchase.
Having completed my dream ‘theatre’ makeover for my room, I asked my Mum if she could drop me off to my Dad in Te Aroha. Mum was pleased to do this, when we got there it so windy that my Dads’ neighbour’s house shed roof blew off and went flying down the street. I think it must have been a mini tornado dancing around furiously. The next day my Dad, my aunty and I were about to go to Candyland, but then it started to rain and strong winds began to rush around, we decided to stay in front of the warm fire to play XBOX 360. My aunty had a cool game called ‘Spore’ which I played and enjoyed myself.
When I finally came back home to Auckland, I visited a house called Alberton house. It was a historic mansion. It originally had four acres of garden. It also has a small room which servants lived in. The house also has room for cooks, baker and gardeners. It is an old, historical house. The other days of the holidays I did fun things. I love holidays but miss school for real.
By Synergy


Miss Walley said...

Hi Synergy

You used great descriptive words in your recount - Well Done. I have been to Alberton House many times, its so cool. Are you still using your home theater system?

Miss Walley

Mrs Burt said...

Hi Synergy, I am very impressed when I read about how enterprising you have been during the holidays! I can understand why you were so excited when you sat watching your movie on the gear you had purchased. I am wondering what you will want next?
I also noticed that you went to Te Aroha in the holidays because I often go there to visit my whanau too. I went to school at Te Aroha Primary and Te Aroha College. I hope you got to spend time in the hot pools. I think everyone who has ever lived in Te Aroha will know that when you are talking about strong winds, you are actually talking about a powerful storm.

Daniel,Mele,room15 said...

Hi Synergy

We are happy that you enjoyed your holidays and we are impressed of the way you used descriptive words in your recount. We hope to see more of your work in the future well done!

Daniel And Mele