Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Room 12's Term 2 Report

In the first part of the term we really enjoyed doing Mathematics with Mrs Raj.  She taught us how to make “Loopy People” which involved measuring our main body parts, cutting strips of cardboard according to the measurement, and taping the parts together with cello tape to make mini students. These loopy people are displayed in our room which is colourful and bright. Mrs Raj also taught us how to make clocks. That was a lot of fun. We then used our clocks to tell the time. 

Another thing that  was really good this term is that some of our class members made it into the drama group, the school choir, the ukulele group and kapa haka. We are budding artists who are keen to learn.

Not only do we have artists in our class we also have some budding sports stars who have represented our school in rugby, netball and soccer.

A couple of weeks into the term we met our new cool teacher Miss Popata.  She sure is strict yet kind. She is smart too. Miss Popata is passionate about teaching us Te Reo Maori. She has taught us a lot of other new stuff. She makes learning interesting  It sure was a fun and enjoyable term and we hope we have another term like it.

Written by Jasmin, Feagai, Vinsen & Losaline

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