Friday, July 23, 2010

Lana's Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Reflections!!! Term 2 has been a challenging term for my friends and I because we have been working so hard. For the first couple of weeks we had Mrs Bailey and Mrs Raj teaching us because our teacher Mrs Sigamoney was in South Africa.

When Mrs Sigamoney arrived back from South Africa,  Room 2 was so excited to see her. Mrs Sigamoney saw some new faces  but  she knew some of us. Five weeks later we had a student teacher Miss Hedgman who came and stayed with us only for five weeks. It was so awesome to have her, but at the same time we felt sad because she had to leave us. It was a pleasure to have her teach us for a short time.

Through the past few weeks we have been doing book reports, we also have been doing  descriptive writing along with narratives.  Every Monday we get homework and it is due on Friday. Last week was a very busy week because the whole school did  Assemmment Tests tests like Astle Reading, Astle Maths, NZ and World Map. Our topic was  Advertisements. A friend of Nellie’s came to talk to us about how to organise a Market  Fair. She spoke to us about her mobile coffee business. She travels in a big van to occasions like school athletics and more.

SPORTS! I’ve been joining a lot of sports such as soccer and netball. In soccer we played against many schools and we made it to the  finals but unfortunately we came fourth. Still  we came home proud. We represented our school well. Now netball, I’m in a netball team that represents our cool school Tamaki Intermediate. Playing netball is fun because we run around a lot and we get to make friends with other kids.

Now we just have to wait for our reports to come. I really hope my report is good.

Lorenzo's Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 was a great experience for me because it was my first time in extension. I had a fantastic time in the extension classroom and made  a lot of friends. This term was a great experience for me because I learnt how to be a leader and I had my first meeting in week 2 term 2.

I got to play in our first rugby game for the  open grade which was against Bader Intermediate. Unfortunately we lost by one try. We also competed in the Eastern Zone Rugby Tournament wher ere we came  second.

My behaviour this term was alright. The reason why I say alright is  because I got into trouble with the teacher and got sent to the Deputy principal 's office.  My work was not very good because I had not met all deadlines. I have improved in my spelling this term because in  term 1,  I was getting very low marks, but now I have been getting 20 out of 20 most of the times and 18 or 19 for  two  weeks.