Friday, April 23, 2010

Gardening at Tamaki Intermediate

Gardening at Tamaki Intermediate

On Tuesday 20th April 2010 two very fortunate students from each class had been selected to do a very special job around the school and that was gardening.

Firstly we had to go to the library to get instructions from our gardening teacher Graham Shieff. He told us which plants we were gong to grow. He asked us if we had any knowledge of plants. Not much really!

Then he took us outside and we got to work. Gardening was fun! It was exciting because it was our first time. We had to dig holes and space the plants 30- 50 cm apart. We dug holes with a spade and then put nutrients in the soil. After that we squeezed the plants to loosen the soil. Then we covered it with soil.

Beau and Meshaq had to water them down. The whole process was videoed and we also took photos.

This was a new experience for us. We enjoyed it thoroughly and our school looks even better.

Meshaq, Beau, Anthony, Raiden Room 2