Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eastern Zone Girls Volleyball Tournament

Wow’ it was a beautiful day but windy. On Monday 18th October 2010 the volleyball girls from Tamaki Intermediate participated in the Eastern Zone Volleyball Tournament at the Lagoon Stadium in Panmure. We travelled by van with Mrs Parker-Tofa and Miss Curran.

Once we arrived at the stadium we hurried out of the van eager to take on the other teams.

The siren finally went and all the schools were ready to give it their all. Our game was against Pt.England. It was a really awesome game. We managed to get along with them. The points were 21-13 to us.

Our second game was against Ellerslie Intermediate. They looked pretty good but unfortunate for them we won 18-15.

Next we played Baradene College. We actually thought we were going to lose; they were so fast they caught up to us. The points were 22-19.

Later on we played Panmure District School. It was a very close game. Panmure District actually showed that they had good skills because they won by 29-28.

Our fifth game was against Sylvia Park Intermediate. We managed to get along with Sylvia Park too. In this game we worked as a team but unfortunately we lost 20-19.

It was finally lunch-time. We all felt like we had bottomless pits. After we had something to eat we went and played volley with the other schools just for fun. It was so exciting and fun.

Now it was time to get back to the game. Next up we played Ellerslie Intermediate. It was a complicating game because of the umpire, but we managed to understand the umpire. The points were 21-19 to them.

After our game against Ellerslie Intermediate we played Stanhope School. Playing Stanhope School was one of the most interesting and funny games because of their mistakes. We had heaps of laughter. The points were 24-18.

Our second to last game was against Parnell Intermediate. We couldn’t wait to play our second to last game because we were going to make it into the finals. The points were 26-21.

It finally came to our last game against Bailey Road. It was a fun game because we managed to beat them 23-10.

Our player of the day went to Kathleen Vili for playing really well and for her awesome spikes. The sad bit of the tournament was that we didn’t have any finals. But we actually came second equal with Stanhope.

Last but not least we would like to thank Mrs Parker-Tofa for putting her effort in training us and Miss Curran for taking us. Also big ups to the volleyball girls for playing well.

By Lana Room 2...

Tama's First Trip to Wellington

It was a tiring Friday morning and I was awake at 2:00am. I was as cold as my freezer sleepy but excited. The day came when my family and I had driven down to Wellington.

I had my bags packed ready for the trip. On the way down to Wellington we had

stopped in a few towns from Auckland to Hamilton and Hamilton to Cambridge and from Cambridge we had gone all the way to Taupo. Taupo was the best town we had stopped at because of the lake. It was huge and we had driven right around the edge of it.

It had been a long drive, so long, that I thought that we would be old people by the time we arrived. However by the time we had arrived it was around lunchtime and we were starving so we stopped at the shop to get something to eat.

In Wellington we were all tired. We went to the hall where the wedding happened and we set up some mattresses for us to sleep on. On the day of the wedding we were all excited that my uncle was going to get married. That day was really busy and everyone was singing and dancing and eating. I was so happy for my uncle, the wedding was great and everything was perfect. Afterwards we had said our good byes and we were on our way back to Auckland. I wanted to stay but we had to leave.

I had a great time that day and I had lots of fun.