Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tama's First Trip to Wellington

It was a tiring Friday morning and I was awake at 2:00am. I was as cold as my freezer sleepy but excited. The day came when my family and I had driven down to Wellington.

I had my bags packed ready for the trip. On the way down to Wellington we had

stopped in a few towns from Auckland to Hamilton and Hamilton to Cambridge and from Cambridge we had gone all the way to Taupo. Taupo was the best town we had stopped at because of the lake. It was huge and we had driven right around the edge of it.

It had been a long drive, so long, that I thought that we would be old people by the time we arrived. However by the time we had arrived it was around lunchtime and we were starving so we stopped at the shop to get something to eat.

In Wellington we were all tired. We went to the hall where the wedding happened and we set up some mattresses for us to sleep on. On the day of the wedding we were all excited that my uncle was going to get married. That day was really busy and everyone was singing and dancing and eating. I was so happy for my uncle, the wedding was great and everything was perfect. Afterwards we had said our good byes and we were on our way back to Auckland. I wanted to stay but we had to leave.

I had a great time that day and I had lots of fun.


longo rm2 said...

Hey Tama

It seems like you had an enjoyable trip. Lucky for you, you were able to check out a few towns on your way down.


xeneqe rm2 said...

Hey Tama

Your trip sounds exciting and I bet that the lake was cool. That was dumb that you didn't get to swim in the lake. Hope you and your family had a awesome time there.


LIIYAH said...

Good to hear that
you had fun. To bad you didn't stay and CONGRATULATIONS to your uncle. AWESOME WORK TAMA!!!