Friday, September 24, 2010

The Chinese Flood That Took So Many

The China Flood began in early May 2010. Heavy Monsoon rains caused the big flood in China.
The deaths occurred when people were washed into fast flowing rivers and mudslides buried houses and people in China.

Many carried bundles of possession salvaged from the water that turned the streets into rivers . One of the men that survived said, " My mother and father were in their 60’s and my brothers, all 3 of them are still buried in the house.”

More than 10 million people had lost property, many have been injured and others have suffered from disease caused by the flooding waters.

In China 392 people died and 232 had been reported missing. Aids came in to help the Chinese people. The First Aid and the Local Red Cross volunteers on the ground evacuated people. First Aid people supplied emergency relief like food, clothing and water.

Jets of water shot through three Gorge Dam on 27 July. On Wednesday the flow peaked at 1.96 million cubic feet.


Mrs Tofa said...

Hi Berttina. You have written this so clearly.I like the setting out of your writing. Excellent information included too.

LIIYAH said...

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