Friday, May 29, 2009

Yr 8 Girls EZ Soccer Report..

On Monday 17th May, the Yr8 girl’s soccer team travelled down to Riversdale Park, Avondale to compete in the Eastern Zone Soccer Tournament.

Our first match was against Mission Heights. It was a vey good game. We won 5-0.

We had a bye so we watched the other teams play.

Our next game was against Pakarunga Intermediate. Our team was down 1 nil But Mrs Sigamoney edged us on and we won 4-1.

After that match we went through to the quarter finals. There was no score until the last minute of the game when Elim scored 1 goal. Sadly, this put us out of the semi-finals.

Mrs Sigamoney said we showed great soccer skills. Our star players were our striker’s Senia and Maata. Between the both of them they scored 9 goals. We were proud of our achievements.

Thanks to Mrs Sigamoney and Mr Utanga for training us and preparing us for the tournament.

By Seneti and Patricia

Room 15

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Year 7 Zoo Trip

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How the fish got its Scales

Once long ago in the deep blue sea a little fish was swimming around looking at all the other fishes because of there beautiful bodies. Little Fish was wondering why he didn’t have a beautiful sparkling body.

Then suddenly one day a big machine popped down from the sky. All the fishes swam away hiding, except for little fish. Little Fish wasn’t scared at all. A monster came out of the machine, and the monster had, two legs, two arms and a body. Little fish fainted and fell down like a feather.

While he had fainted he had a dream. He dreamed about having golden shiny and sparkling scales so that everyone could notice him.

“Thump” Little Fish woke up and a rock came tumbling down. There was a cave and inside it there were little golden shiny sparkling scales. Little Fish layered them onto himself. After that he was the most popular fish in the deep blue sea.
Everyone wanted some and that is how fish got their scales.

By Ramona - Room 16

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How the lion got its Mane

One day a man called Dr. Molivia was experimenting with a special scientist. They were in a huge space ship. During the experimenting Dr. Molivia accidentally tipped the liquids.

When the liquid tipped it spilled all over the space ship and it went through a hole in the space ship. There were lions for experiments below and it and went all over the lions head. The liquid went all over the lions head. The lion looked really handsome with hair on his head.

The scientists heard a sound “ROAR”. They looked out the window and saw a hairy looking lion. They started laughing because they had never seen a lions head so hairy before. The special scientist and Dr. Molivia thought of a name and called it a mane.

By Rhiana

How the Zebra got its Stripes

One day a zebra was wondering if he wanted stripes or not.
The next day he he was trying to find something black to test if he liked black stripes so he kept on searching and searching..... untill he found a pack of crayons which had a black crayon.

He tried to draw some stripes on himself but it wouldn't work. He kept on searching and searching but he couldn't find anything that was black. Then he started to look in his art area and he found black paint. He started to paint some stripes on himself (but he didnt know it was permanent) and thats how zebras got their stripes.

By Aoina

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jorjah's speech on Animal Cruelty

In class we have been busy writing speeches. Below is my speech on animal cruelty. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave a comment.


Friday, May 22, 2009

The School Leader's Conference

Seneti attended the school leader's conference at the Telstra Clear Stadium in Manukau.
This is her recount of the conference that she would like to share with all students.
Other leaders can watch and learn and put into practice the good points she shares.

Anthony's speech on Mammals

In room 16 we are busy writing and presenting our speeches. Below is my speech on Mammals. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave a comment.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Pigs got their Curly Tails

Once upon a time there was little Pig. The Pig and his friends were going out to dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate a special occasion.

The next morning he woke up feeling good and so he went shopping for flowers and chocolates to give to his friends at dinner.

When he got home he went for a shower. After he finished he wanted to look special but he didn’t have anything special to wear so he curled his tail. It looked so good that he kept it that way...and that how the pigs got their curly tails.

By Taiapa

How the Giraffe got its Long Neck

Once upon a time there was a sad Giraffe that lived in a beautiful rain forest. He was so sad because he had a short neck.

He wished so much for a long neck so that he could reach the tasty leaves at the top of the trees. He got so sick of being teased by the nasty birds that he decided to go and look for help.

Giraffe went to ask for some help from the Wise Pig. The Wise Pig told Giraffe to keep wishing and wishing and one day it might come true. Giraffe went home and while he was walking he kept wishing and wishing that he had a long neck.

While he was walking home he didn’t see a bunch of bananas hanging on a low branch. His head went right through the bunch of bananas. Giraffe wiped his head but he still smelled like bananas and there was a banana stuck onto his head. He didn’t see a large and strong monkey up in the trees.

The monkey was looking for some bananas to eat for his tea. Then all of a sudden the monkey smelt bananas and to his amazement he saw a moving banana. He was so amazed he went to try and pull the banana off Giraffes head. The strong monkey stretched Giraffes neck until finally the banana came off. Giraffe looked around him. Everywhere he looked he saw leaves.

Giraffe was so happy he could reach all the nice leaves at the top of the trees. All the giraffes in the rain forest wanted to have long necks so they could reach up into the trees. So it became natural that giraffes have long necks.

By Sela (Room 16)

How the Zebra lost its Wings

It all started when Zebra decided to go for a short flight to Mexico .When he got there he entered a chili eating contest and he won but he was left with a burning stomach.

The next day he woke up with a hot fever but he was determined to fly home to New Zealand. When he finally got to his highest fly limit, which is exactly 10 meters high, he started burning up then he came crashing down and fainted.

A few minutes later he woke up. Luckily he had landed on his wings and landed safely. The only thing injured was his wings they were so badly damaged they fell off and disappeared...and that’s how the zebra lost its wings.

By Synergy

Go For Goals!

Goals are a good way to discipline your self, set targets and achieve the things you
want to. I would like to share my term 2 goals with you and I would like to hear about your goals.

Swahili Lesson 2

I hope you enjoyed my first Swahili lesson. Have you been practicing the words? Remember practice makes perfect. Are you ready for Lesson 2? Well let's being!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Television should not be banned on weekends!

I definitely disagree to television being banned on weekends.

My first point I will mention is about family time. Saturday night is the best time to watch movies with your family. Many parents work on weekdays and they don’t get much family time except Saturday night movie time. How will they have Saturday night movie time? We can’t have it on Sunday because there is school the next day.

My second point is about wet days. Many families don’t have board games so the only thing we can do is watch television. We can’t go outside because it’s raining! What will we do if it’s raining? We can’t sit down and do nothing because that’s just a waste of time.

My next point is about disabled people. They can’t go out like normal people or run around. They’re stuck on wheel chairs or have broken arms. If T.V. is banned how will they enjoy themselves? Disabled people can’t sit down all day and look at the clouds because that’s just BORING! If television is on in the weekends they can watch T.V. and enjoy themselves. So think about it. Do you want disabled people doing nothing all day while we go out and have fun?

My last point is about the cost of things. Some people can’t afford to go out to theme parks on the weekends or go to places where they can entertain themselves. The only entertainment we will get is watching television. How will we entertain ourselves if television is banned? I know sometimes television can be bad for you but I’m not saying we should watch television 24/7. I’m saying that television shouldn’t be banned on weekends!!!

By Kupakwashe, Room15

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just so Story - How the Tiger got Black Stripes

Once upon a time there were a group of animals. Now these were not your every day animals. These animals were different. They were hardly ever seen or spotted. These creatures were shy but if you upset them you would be in BIG trouble. One day that all changed...

One early Thursday morning a scientist came to Flicenpogic Forest to study these mysterious creatures. They lived only in this forest (funny that). The very night that he arrived in this forest was the very night everything changed in this secluded forest. He set up a campfire by a tree, with purple and orange spotted leaves and a bright blue trunk, and fell asleep.

Now I know what you may be thinking right about now. I am sure you have never heard of the Flicenpogic Forest or even thought about a tree with spotted leaves and brightly coloured trunks and may not believe me but you have definitely heard of these creatures. You know what they can do and what they like to do. They once actually did live in those types of trees but no one knew that they lived there because there was no one tall enough to see so high and no one bothered even going to this place.

The scientist set up camp in his comfortable tent. Somehow his fire caught light on the trunk of one of these trees. It was a windy night and the sparks went flying. The fire started to make its way up the long trunk.

Meanwhile the scientist realized it was getting extremely hot and it woke him up. He went outside and saw the tree on fire. Then he spotted what he had come here for, what he had been hoping to see. These mysterious creatures were stuck in the trees. By now the fire was spreading to the other trees in the forest. Some of the creatures had big black burn marks on their fur. It made them look scarier than they already were. Right now however they were the ones that were scared.

The scientist screamed for the local village people to come and help put out the fires. The fire was eventually put out. Once it was all over half of the creatures were covered in black marks. These creatures you know as tigers. This is one of the reasons tigers are scared of fires but that’s another story. Animals feared the ones with black marks and so they survived longer than the others. This is how tigers got their black stripes.

By Jorjah (Room 16)

!!!!!Corporal punishment should not be reinforced to schools!

I believe that Corporal punishment should not be reinforced to schools in New Zealand because that is the parent’s job to smack the kids not the teachers. They are there to teach the kids not give them a hiding.

Secondly I believe that when the kids get older and they have kids they might abuse them because their past wasn’t what they expected it to be!

Another point is that abusing and smacking has two totally different meanings. Abusing is when people insult others; say unpleasant things to people, while smacking is a slap, or a hard hit. To most student, teachers, principals and communities corporal punishment is a way of getting their children to listen and focus on the teacher but I think that teachers, principals and relievers have no right to smack the kids because the parents let their children attend school so they can grow up with a good education and get a good job in the future and also help out with the family bills.

New Zealand shouldn’t have corporal punishment because it sets a bad example to others and it also gives a bad impression of New Zealand schools. Using violence and smashing others is not cool.

My team and I strongly agree that corporal punishment shouldn’t be reinforced to schools in New Zealand...

By Seneti Room: 15