Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making A Difference

What is the 40 Hour Famine?
The World Vision 40 hour famine is New Zealand’s most popular youth fund raising and education event which raise funds for children living in poverty in developing countries. Participants ask for sponsorship for doing without something they will find challenging for up to 40 hours.
In May World Vision is challenging New Zealand to “Raise the Stakes” for the 40 hour famine. Why? Because the stakes are even higher for millions of children around the world who are hungry, malnourished and struggling to survive.
Also “Raising the Stakes” is all about challenging one another to see who can make the biggest difference to help children who are living in poverty.
Ok these are the ones I came up with:
1) No talking
2) No TV
3) No phone
4) No computer
5) No furniture
6) No electricity
7) No liquid
8) No technology
9) No coffee
And some that were really funny. Well, I think it was.
1) No Chocolate
2) No beds
3) No smoking
4) No house
5) No Play Station
The money that you raise and donate like $35 can provide training for 20 health workers and basic supplies for clinics in Bangladesh. Also $45 dollars can provide textbooks for a secondary school student, so they can receive an education in Tanzania. And $68 can provide necessities such as food, bedding to 16 children in Tanzania. I am going to take part in this event to help children in Bangladesh so I can make a difference to the lives of malnourished children. Our celebrities in NZ are raising the Stakes as well. Now it’s up to you to “Raise the Stakes,” so register for the 40 hour famine today because the 40 hour famine is on the 22nd to the 24th May 2009.
So what are you going to do?


Casey said...

Wow I am going to take part and I hope that you will make some money. Well done Boaza. You really do care about people in Bangladesh


Olivia and Daisha said...

Hi Boaza, it's Daisha and Olivia from room 16.

It was fun learning about the 40 hour famine. Reading about the people in Bangladesh makes us feel very sorry for them.

By the way you have spelled difference wrong in your heading.