Friday, May 1, 2009

Holiday Recount - Slumber Sleepover

In the holiday my sister, mum and I went to my Aunties in Otara for a sleepover slumber party.

At first we didn’t want to have a slumber party until mum said there will be a lot of your cousins there to play then all of a sudden we agreed.

When we arrived at my Aunties house all of my cousins were there. I ran to my special room (the master room)and unpacked my things into the cupboard and draws.
Time went past and it was night we stayed up and ate lollies chips, dip and fizzy drinks.
We were all getting tired and all went to sleep at 10:00 o’clock at night.
In the morning we all went home.
The best part was when we ate lollies, chips and dip and drank fizzy drink. I hope we can that again one day.

By Olivia

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Chyann said...

To Olivia,

I like your story you wrote about what you did in the holidays.You done a great job.
From Chyann