Friday, May 15, 2009

Just so Story- How the Lion got its Mane

Long ago when the dinosaurs were alive there were Lions without manes.
One day they were all walking around being confused about who was a boy and who was a girl.

The lions had a meeting and they decided to make manes using hair. They all looked around and could not find anything suitable to use. They waited for a while.
Then the dinosaurs died and Humans came to earth. The lions stole hair from the humans and made manes with the hair. Now they are not that's how the lions got their manes.

By Isiah (Room 16)


earle said...

To Isaiah
I really liked your story about how the lion got its mane it was very exciting oh nice haha.

By Earle

Valerie said...

Hay Isaiah.
It's good to know that you know how to write !
Now i know how a lion got it's mane.
Keep up the FABULOUS writing !

Valerie Rm15 , T.I.S .