Monday, May 18, 2009

Television should not be banned on weekends!

I definitely disagree to television being banned on weekends.

My first point I will mention is about family time. Saturday night is the best time to watch movies with your family. Many parents work on weekdays and they don’t get much family time except Saturday night movie time. How will they have Saturday night movie time? We can’t have it on Sunday because there is school the next day.

My second point is about wet days. Many families don’t have board games so the only thing we can do is watch television. We can’t go outside because it’s raining! What will we do if it’s raining? We can’t sit down and do nothing because that’s just a waste of time.

My next point is about disabled people. They can’t go out like normal people or run around. They’re stuck on wheel chairs or have broken arms. If T.V. is banned how will they enjoy themselves? Disabled people can’t sit down all day and look at the clouds because that’s just BORING! If television is on in the weekends they can watch T.V. and enjoy themselves. So think about it. Do you want disabled people doing nothing all day while we go out and have fun?

My last point is about the cost of things. Some people can’t afford to go out to theme parks on the weekends or go to places where they can entertain themselves. The only entertainment we will get is watching television. How will we entertain ourselves if television is banned? I know sometimes television can be bad for you but I’m not saying we should watch television 24/7. I’m saying that television shouldn’t be banned on weekends!!!

By Kupakwashe, Room15


Earle said...

To Kupakwashe

I definitely agree we should watch movies on Saturdays but I think we should not watch movies on Sundays because the next day is school and if you watch movies you might wake up and feel tired so you will not get to school at the right time.

By Earle (Room 16)

spxroom6 said...

What an awesome writing! I totally agree with you! But on sundays people should probably get an early sleep for school the next day! I cant wait to read more of your fantastic writings! keep it up!


Miss Walley said...


You make some excellent points. I agree that TV should not be banned on weekends. The weekends are time for people to relax and it is up to the parents when then children should watch TV.

Miss Walley

Melville Intermediate said...

I think that its important to be able to watch television at the weekend so I completly agree with your piece of writing. I will give you an example, this weekend the Waikato Chiefs are in the Semi-Finals of the Super 14 Competition and the ground will sell out, not everyone can get to the game who wants to, and the people who can't have to watch it on television. The Auckland Blues didn't make the semi-finals but that's okay, everyone can support the Chiefs.
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

spxroom6 said...

Wow Kupakwashe
that was really good I actully agree with it how can we entertain ourselves. Keep up the good work I look forward for more of your work

I also got a Question Why did you choose this kind of Subject?
By Grace

Miss Aris said...

Hey Kupawashe,

I hope you enjoyed writing this as much as I enjoyed reading it. You have raised some very good points.
I agree with you-television should NOT be banned on the weekends! After a long week at school its nice to be able to relax and watch a bit of t.v (especially if homework is finished)

What do you think about watching television on weeknights?