Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Corporal punishment Should Not Be Reintroduced To NZ Schools

I believe that corporal punishment should not be reintroduced to NZ schools. This is far from expected. There are many points why it should not be reintroduced.

The first point is that if corporal punishment is reintroduced, children will constantly have nightmares about getting smacked or going to school. They can wake up ether yelling or crying.

I also believe that children will automatically wag and miss out on education caused by the amount of smacks they get from the teacher.

My third point is that nowadays children get angry fast and if they get smacked they will probably retaliate. An example of this is the Asian student who stabbed the teacher and the teacher only harassed him verbally. I think some will stab the teacher if smacked, some will punch back and some will tell on the teacher.

That’s why I strongly believe that corporal punishment should not be reintroduced to N.Z schools.

By Taverio, Room15


Manaiakalani said...

Kia ora Taverio, You have introduced some strong points to support your argument that students should not receive corporal punishment at school. I am glad you feel that way because, as a teacher, I would not like having to use corporal punishment on other peoples' children.
Mrs Burt

Tama said...

TO: Taverio

I like your opinion on corporal punishment. I think you are absolutely right.

From Tama