Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just so Story - How the polar bear became white

One day Longo the polar bear went traveling through the snow to go shopping. Longo went shopping to get her some Nike shoes and some food for her home.

On the way back Longo the polar bear was carrying two bags of shopping back home. Suddenly she accidentally tripped over her shoes that had fallen out of her bag. She got up to run home quickly to try and get the snow off her shoes. When she got home she found out that the snow was permanent. She looked in the mirror and saw she was all white. The snow had gone everywhere…and that’s how polar bears became white.

By Earle (Room 16)


meshaq said...

To Earle
I think your story was funny and i laughed when longo fell over.

By Meshaq

rhiana said...

To Earle
I liked your story it was pretty funny when longo fell over i liked that part.

By Rhiana

ramona said...

To Earle
I think your story was very interesting and funny.

By Ramona

Tamaki Primary School said...

What a great story, Earle. You have done a great job retelling this traditional story.what country is it from?
From Mrs. Kelly
Tamaki Primary School

Tama said...

TO: Earle
Whats up Earle its the meanest story... keep up the cool work.

FROM: Tama

room 18 said...

Hello Earle

You wrote an interesting story. Well done. Thank you for posting a comment on our blog. We can't wait to see some more of your work.

Room 18
Pt England School