Friday, May 8, 2009

Just So Story - How the Horse got its Mane

Once upon a time there was a scientist named Dr Evil Scientist.
One day Dr Evil Scientist went out of control because he forgot to take his medication.
He went crazy and started making experiments using up every liquid he could find.
He was running outside when a horse went galloping by.

They crashed into each other and the experiment went up in the air and cracked open on the horses head.
Dr Evil Scientist was amazed when he saw the horse had hair on it’s head and neck.
So from then on Dr Evil Scientist made a lot of experiments for horse’s to have hair.
Dr evil scientist named it a mane...and that's how the horse got it’s Mane.

By Olivia (Room 16)


Aoina said...

Hi Olivia,

It's Aoina here. Your story was magnificently great.I really hope I can write a story like that one day.

Love Aoina

Rose said...

Hi Olivia,

I really liked your story.

From Rose

Elaine said...

To Olivia
i really like your story it was really cool and it had some great ideas.

by Elaine

Tama said...

cool work, like the story


Sela said...

Hey Olivia
That was a great Just So Story.
I really enjoyed it. I also liked the picture of the horse as well.
Keep up the fantastic work!!

From Sela