Friday, May 22, 2009

The School Leader's Conference

Seneti attended the school leader's conference at the Telstra Clear Stadium in Manukau.
This is her recount of the conference that she would like to share with all students.
Other leaders can watch and learn and put into practice the good points she shares.


Ali said...

Hey Seneti!

I hear that you have had a great time!

Hope you learned alot
about leader ship skills

Okay Buh Bye Now!!


Makerita said...

Talofa seneti,
I really like your clip you explained how to be a leader confidentlly. I am really exited when i come to your school and become a leader and also my sister has been a leader her name is Nive I am sure going to follow her foot stepsalso I am exited to go to that meeting if I become a leader.Well I guess It is good bye now.
Rita yr4 P.T England school.

Miss Waetford said...

hey Seneti
glad you and the other school leaders were there to represent our school and actually took some pointers from those speakers.
Hope to see some of those skills in your leadership of our house.
Miss Waetford

Miss Parker said...

Seneti seems you really enjoyed your time at the conference. Really good to know you understand that making mistakes is a part of learning. Keep up the good work.

Tanielu T said...

Hi there Seneti great speech on what you think takes to be a good and a Loyal leader! I hope you can use those skills that you were talking about in the future!!

From Tanielu T