Thursday, May 28, 2009

How the fish got its Scales

Once long ago in the deep blue sea a little fish was swimming around looking at all the other fishes because of there beautiful bodies. Little Fish was wondering why he didn’t have a beautiful sparkling body.

Then suddenly one day a big machine popped down from the sky. All the fishes swam away hiding, except for little fish. Little Fish wasn’t scared at all. A monster came out of the machine, and the monster had, two legs, two arms and a body. Little fish fainted and fell down like a feather.

While he had fainted he had a dream. He dreamed about having golden shiny and sparkling scales so that everyone could notice him.

“Thump” Little Fish woke up and a rock came tumbling down. There was a cave and inside it there were little golden shiny sparkling scales. Little Fish layered them onto himself. After that he was the most popular fish in the deep blue sea.
Everyone wanted some and that is how fish got their scales.

By Ramona - Room 16


Miss walley said...


I think your story was very creative. I liked that you chose an animal that no one else did. You used some good descriptions in your writing.

Miss Walley

Ms Pagai said...


You wrote a beautiful story. And you know what, I think you are a beautiful fish too!

Anonymous said...

hie Ramona great work there i honestly think i could be like you and you truly are my motivation to keep on working i love your detailed description and everything else about that story hopefully very soon i will be like you