Friday, September 24, 2010

The Chinese Flood That Took So Many

The China Flood began in early May 2010. Heavy Monsoon rains caused the big flood in China.
The deaths occurred when people were washed into fast flowing rivers and mudslides buried houses and people in China.

Many carried bundles of possession salvaged from the water that turned the streets into rivers . One of the men that survived said, " My mother and father were in their 60’s and my brothers, all 3 of them are still buried in the house.”

More than 10 million people had lost property, many have been injured and others have suffered from disease caused by the flooding waters.

In China 392 people died and 232 had been reported missing. Aids came in to help the Chinese people. The First Aid and the Local Red Cross volunteers on the ground evacuated people. First Aid people supplied emergency relief like food, clothing and water.

Jets of water shot through three Gorge Dam on 27 July. On Wednesday the flow peaked at 1.96 million cubic feet.

Term 3 Report

Term 3 has been a really busy term for Room 2. Throughout this term we have been learning about Disasters. Learning about Disasters was really interesting because of the many disasters that happened globally this year. An example was the Christchurch earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1.
For the first few weeks of this term we have been doing procedure writing. Our teacher Mrs Sigamoney demonstrated the procedure of making Indian samoosas. We had to follow the instructions and welearnt how to fold the pastry. It was not as easy as we thought, but it was fun. We had to listen carefully to the instructions and then do a procedure writing of our own.

Then we started doing a news report on a New Zealand or World Disaster. That was an interesting research task for us.

Money group this year has been really challenging for us Room 2 students. Most of us had been participating in it. It was a maths competition where a group of 3 people confront the other group. It was so fun because we learnt new stuff such as GST, kiwi saver, and many more.

Thanks to the Duffy Club and Mrs Raj.

The amazing media team! What have we been doing in media? The Yr8’s have been training the Yr7’s for next year. It was an awesome opportunity for Room 2 students to present Tamaki Today and School...Inc. We would like to thank Mr Munnik for helping us.

‘Sports’. Highlights were the Open Grade boys game against Pt.England, and Open Grade girls game against Bader. This term we also have been training for Volleyball for our tournament next term.

A bonus for us this term is having another student teacher for 5 weeks, Miss Andrea Begunk. She’s really fun to hang around. She has a bubbling personality. Learning with her and Mrs Sigamoney has been really cool and fun. Mrs Sigamoney teaches us great new stuff. We would like to thank both of them for putting their effort in teaching us so we can get a good and wonderful education.

By Lana and Maroussia, Room 2.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Introduction to Report Writing

Room 2's Research and Report Writing on Disasters.

Synergy’s Amazing Report

Humanities Most Lethal Event in History

There have been many reasons to believe that the great flood was a myth but now there has been evidence to enforce the calamity.

It is said that the final resting point of the Noah’s ark is within a single mountain in Turkey and is what thousands of Christian deem. A structure found on the mountains of Turkey contained radio carbon wood dating to 4800 years and was near to the instant that the great flood had subsided which had occurred in 2300 BC.

According to biblical accounts the human race was 5 million and soon after the tragedy a colossal death toll of 4992,000,000 and a diminutive amount of 8 survivors.

God created the big bang which created the earth. He intended us to discover evolution. It does not say in the bible how God created the earth which means he may have used the big bang. There is reason to believe that there must have been someone before the big bang, which you assume to be God. For the big bang to occur there had to be something there. This evidence proves significant and establishes a basis that God does exist and that the great flood that he supposedly caused is true.

There is reason to believe God could have caused various disasters .There is proof that heaven is actually in some point of space which makes it possible that the scientific theory was factual .God may have sent the 3-mile ball of rock smashing into the ocean off the coast of Madagascar thus resulting in a series of tsunamis crashing against the world’s coastlines and injecting plumes of superheated water vapour into the atmosphere. Within hours the infusion of heat and moisture formed super hurricanes that strike the other side of the planet. For about a week, material ejected into the atmosphere plunged the world into darkness. All told, up to 80 percent of the world’s population may have perished, making it the single most lethal event in history.

Noah saved two of every animal genre which comes to 16000 individual animals. Only 11 percent of animals were no bigger than a sheep and a small percent of which have become extinct. Most of the animals we have today have descended from an initial species such as the horse. It has adapted and formed many other species such as donkeys and zebras and mammoths have adapted to form elephants and so forth. Many animals have also grown in size to adapt with earth's harsh conditions

This evidence has proved substantial and should convince all atheists and non believers to join or convert to Christianity.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mereia's Procedural Writing



· 1 big bowl

· 1 packet of corn chips

· 1 packet of grated cheese

· 2 Tbs of Salsa

· A Microwave

First carefully pour the corn chips into the bowl.
Next take two handfuls of grated cheese and gently sprinkle it around the bowl of corn chips.
Then put 2 Tbs of salsa and grated cheese into the bowl of corn chips.
Place the bowl of corn chips in the microwave and heat for 90 seconds.
Then use a tea towel to remove the HOT bowl of Nachos carefully.



If you don’t have a microwave, heat up your nachos in a 400 degree oven .

Add refried beans, ground beef or grilled chicken over the salsa for a tastier Nachos.

Lorenzo's Procedural Writing

Silent Ball

Stable chairs
1 tennis ball
3-14 Players in this game

Grab enough chairs for everyone to stand on. (Stabilized chairs only).
Next you stand on the chair and pass the ball around.
Now you cannot pass it to the player that has just passed it to you.
You are eliminated if you talk, jump, or fall off your chair or drop the ball.
To win in this game you must be the last man standing.
Perfect indoor game for a winter's day!