Monday, April 2, 2012

Te Tuhui in Pakuranga

On the 18th of February we went to Te Tehu in Pakuranga. We were accompanied by Mrs Baker and Mrs Taurie.
When we arrived there we sat on the mat and waited patiently for our Tour Guide. He introduced himself as Jeremy and then he took us to a room full of paintings.  He told us to observe what strange things we could see in the paintings.  We  saw many strange things like faces in vases, a dog on the couch, and a robot wheelchair with a TV at the bottom, a stick with a face and a monkey in the cupboard.
 We then went into the workshop room,we were very excited to do the art task. Jeremy explained to us what a 3D collage was.  We were given different pieces of plastic and cardboard. We began making our own 3D collage.
There were heaps of magazines on the table about horses, gardens and other things. We had to find a background from the magazine for our collage. Next we had to find a middle picture and then a smaller picture for the front. My picture was a girl on plates and my background was a smoothie We also looked through a telescope and saw upside down trees. It was amazing!
Finally we packed up and cleaned up our table.  Our table had the biggest mess. We had a fantastic time and we hope to visit an Art Gallery again some day.