Monday, March 22, 2010

Inter Zone Boys Softball Tournament at Tamaki Intermediate School

On Thursday the 11th of March I was sitting in class doing my work when Mr Horan walked in and asked for some helpers. I put my hand up and he chose me and seven others who would help him run the softball tournament.
We all went under the A.S.B. tent and put our vest jackets on. We asked what we were going to be doing for him. He told us that we would be scoring and recording the softball games for the day.
We all had a diamond to look after and we got our first scorecard with Tamaki vs Bailey Road but I swapped with Taiapa for the shade that his diamond was in. So then I had Parnell vs Panmure District School. Parnell won that game.
The next few games were quite boring as no-one got many runs. Right up until the Parnell vs Saint Thomas’. Parnell got 10 runs in the first innings. But unfortunately Saint Thomas’ only got 1 run so it was over for Saint Thomas’.
At the end of the day all of the teams lined up and waited for Mr Horan to tell them who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Parnell came 1st, Ellerslie came 2nd and Sylvia Park came 3rd.
I had a really fun, exciting and exhilarating day but I was very disappointed that Tamaki Intermediate lost but at least everyone had fun in the sun!
By Scott
Room 2

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Year 8 Girls Inter Zone Softball Tournament

Tamaki Intermediate students represented the school at the Inter Zone - Auckland Softball Championship Tournament in Albany on the 11th of March 2010.

Our first softball game was against Murray’s Bay Intermediate. We arrived late but it was good because Mrs Bailey rang the organisers and told them that we would arrive late. Our score was 10-3.They were quite professional and we were playing on their home ground.

Our second game was against Rose Hill Intermediate. The students of this school had many different skills. They were loud when they were encouraging their pitcher. The score to them was 14-3.

Our third game was against Kowhai. Students of Kowhai Intermediate were an awesome team. Their batting, fielding and passing were excellent and when we went in to bat, Wendy decided to show Her skills and slid to base 3 and scraped her knee, challenged their back stop, changed her mind went back to 3rd base, Selina got to 1st base and Wendy sneaked home to get our only run. It was awesome, and as for our team Berttina and Shadae ran to catch a high ball. Berttina thought she had it, but the ball fell straight into Shadae’s glove. The whole team started screaming. The score was 21-1 to them.

Our last game against Huapai Intermediate, we should’ve won but our concentration was out the door and we were lucky to score 3 runs. The score was 10-3
Our most consistent players were Lana, Kathleen and Pasepa. Good catches from Selina, Lorraine and Elain, well done! It was a great experience for us all. What we learnt from our games is that we need to focus a lot more and be more consistent in our play. Thanks to Mrs Bailey for coaching us and thanks to Miss Roz for umpiring our games.

BY LANA - Room 2

Unity in Diversity - A film made by Tamaki Intermediate

Olivia's Speech

Whaikorero-Jorjah's Speech

Tamaki Intermediate's Swimming Carnival

During the first three weeks of Term 1 2010, all students at Tamaki Intermediate School had the opportunity to learn, practice and do well at swimming.

All lessons were geared towards learning basic survival skills in water. The emphasis was on learning the different strokes as well as having fun.

We celebrated learning to swim by participating in our School Swimming Carnival. The event was full of races in the different categories and lots of fun activities. There was a lot of noise and cheering all the way. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

By Jorjah


Balloons, balloons go up and down.
Balloons, balloons go round and round.
Balloons, balloons I want one now.
Balloons, balloons have no sound.
Balloons here, balloons there, balloons everywhere.
Kids love them, play with them
And pop them at last!

By Earle
Room 2

...Rugby League... by Beau

...Rugby League...
League is the best you know,
Sitting in the stadium go the Broncos!
Wayne Bennett is the best you know.
He wins every grand final even in the snow.

By Beau Room 2

Monday, March 15, 2010


Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, creamy, caramel too,
Small, big, tasty, sticky chocolates, all for you.
Mouth watering, fattening, lovely and cool,
Soft, pleasant, chewy, gooey chocolates just for you!

By Synergy, Phillip
Room 2

Eastern Zone Softball Tournament

Thursday the 11th of March 2010 was when the Year 7 and Year 8 boys from other schools came to my school, Tamaki Intermediate to play Softball. Our boys teams made it through to the finals that were held here.
Before the games started, Mr Horan (Principal) came to my class (Room 2) to choose helpers. I was one of them. You could imagine how excited I was.
Most of the school teams were arriving. The last school to arrive was Bailey Road School. I had to guide them to where they were meant to be seated. Finally, everyone was there to start the games off!

The bell rang as teams were practicing. Let The Games Begin!!
All I heard was bats pounding against balls, and names being shouted.
Our Year 8 boys started off well winning 11 – 4 against Bailey Road. I was unsure about the Year 7 boys who looked like they were doing good but I had to keep turning my head to see what was going on. It was a long and scorching hot day for all of us. But we had a lot of fun. The audience cheered every game no matter which schools the students represented.

Our Year 8 boys were placed 2nd and the Year 7 boys were placed 8th in the Tournament.
It was a good tournament. The weather held up and everyone had fun in the sun!

By Daisha Room 2