Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tamaki Intermediate's Swimming Carnival

During the first three weeks of Term 1 2010, all students at Tamaki Intermediate School had the opportunity to learn, practice and do well at swimming.

All lessons were geared towards learning basic survival skills in water. The emphasis was on learning the different strokes as well as having fun.

We celebrated learning to swim by participating in our School Swimming Carnival. The event was full of races in the different categories and lots of fun activities. There was a lot of noise and cheering all the way. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

By Jorjah


Miss Walley said...

Hi Jorjah

That was a great video and recount of your swimming carnival. I hope to see more interesting posts from you soon.

Miss Walley :)

mrs sigamoney said...

hi jorjah
great vodeo and good choice of music. interesting recount. sounds like a fun day. keep up the excellent work.