Monday, March 22, 2010

Inter Zone Boys Softball Tournament at Tamaki Intermediate School

On Thursday the 11th of March I was sitting in class doing my work when Mr Horan walked in and asked for some helpers. I put my hand up and he chose me and seven others who would help him run the softball tournament.
We all went under the A.S.B. tent and put our vest jackets on. We asked what we were going to be doing for him. He told us that we would be scoring and recording the softball games for the day.
We all had a diamond to look after and we got our first scorecard with Tamaki vs Bailey Road but I swapped with Taiapa for the shade that his diamond was in. So then I had Parnell vs Panmure District School. Parnell won that game.
The next few games were quite boring as no-one got many runs. Right up until the Parnell vs Saint Thomas’. Parnell got 10 runs in the first innings. But unfortunately Saint Thomas’ only got 1 run so it was over for Saint Thomas’.
At the end of the day all of the teams lined up and waited for Mr Horan to tell them who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Parnell came 1st, Ellerslie came 2nd and Sylvia Park came 3rd.
I had a really fun, exciting and exhilarating day but I was very disappointed that Tamaki Intermediate lost but at least everyone had fun in the sun!
By Scott
Room 2


Mrs. Raj said...

Hi Scott
Thank you for being a great help during the Inter zone Boys Softball Tournament. I like the way you have written your recount as a spectator.
Well done!

Melville Intermediate said...

Scott - I agree with Mrs Raj it was interesting that you wrote the recount as a spectator. It sounds like you had fun and did an important job, I wonder if someone else is writing a report with the score from the game for the Eastern Zone Softball Finals?
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

mrs sigamoney said...

hi scott
you did a great job and it's all about having fun. keep up the good work

norman Rm 2 said...

hey scott. good spectating. you have done a great job. well done!