Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Akuma conquers Anubis

In a far away land called Anubis there live three good super heroes. They protect the lovely land of Anubis. Their names are Iceman, Crypto & Krash. Their arch enemies are Lava girl, Kurk and their evil leader Akuma. Akuma wants to conquer Anubis.

This is the 3rd year Akuma has tried to take it over. However the goodies keep stopping them. Now Akuma is growing stronger than ever. They might not be able to stop Akuma with his evil powers, he is becoming IMMORTAL. He has max muscle, flying abilities, fire balls, eye rays and a super punch.

Iceman, Crypto & Krash were walking around protecting the city when they saw the baddies coming towards them. They started to fight. Crypto versus Akuma, Iceman versus Lava girl and Krash versus Kurk. Iceman dodged one of Lava girls fireballs then froze her & smashed her to pieces. Krash and Kurk fought. Krash span at Kurk then tried to body slam him but he missed. Kurk was an earth bender. He lifted up rocks and threw them at Krash.

Crypto and Akuma fought. Akuma struck him with his eye rays, flew up and did a fireball then super punched him with a blow that killed him. Then he did the same to Iceman.
In the end the bad guys won and took over Anubis. It is not such a nice place to visit now.

By Isaiah Room 16


Did World War 2 open a world of good or bad?

Why did the war even start?
The battle of Gallipoli was a frontline between the allied forces and the Ottoman which world war 1 started on April 25th, 1915 and ended on January 1916.This caused the death of 3,000,000 soldiers and death of both Ottomans and allied forces.

How did it affect others?
In fact if America hadn't joined or took part in the war we would be speaking German right now!!

How was the conflict resolved?
It was very harsh because billions of dollars had to be paid to the allies to stop their bad behaviour. Some people thought it was wrong. It caused economic depression which made Germany resent the allied countries. Hitler and the Nazis wanted to get back their land that they wanted and so the decided to peace it out once and for all.

Holiday Recount - Warriors Game

On Saturday I watched the Warriors game on television.

In the first part of the game the warriors kicked off to the Melbourne Storm.
It was an intense first half for both teams. The Storm got the first try. It didn’t take that long for the Warriors to come back.

In the second half the warriors were working their way back to win the game but the storms defense was too good. It was an exciting second half they both had heaps of chances but they never took them. It was like they didn’t want to play. In the second half it became a draw.

It was golden point it was a draw. They both tried to take drop goals to try and win the game. It was the second half of golden point the warriors passed it to Stacey Jones for a drop goal but he dropped the ball it was FINISHED.

In the end it was a draw but it was a good game to watch.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Term 2 Topic - "Work It Out"

This term we focus on being enterprising. We are preparing for debates, speeches, financial education and science fair. Busy, busy, busy! We will learn how to write and present an argument for and against a topic. Then there’s a 3 minute speech on a topic of our choice. Financial education will help us to be financially responsible, take risks and make financial decisions, plan a business venture and evaluate how successful we were. We are looking forward to science fair where we carry out a scientific investigation, make observations, record our data and arrive at a conclusion. Well let’s get on with it!

Room 15

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Room 15 — Sharing The Luv With Blogging

We started the year with a big happy smile to know that we would be in Room 15. We began with our great aquatics programme to learn how to swim with confidence in water. Room 15 students participated well in the Aquastics Programme. Our star swimmers were Courtney, Valerie and Mele.
Ou motto this year is "Positive Attitude, Aim High, 100%Effort".
Our topic this term was CONFLICT. Interesting, we thought. We learnt positives ways to deal with conflict in school.
Our IRT subject “Success for the Future” was our 3 weeks homework. Then there with tests like PAT’s and ESA’s and the entire asTTLe test. It was hard work. We enjoyed technology, fitness and house sports.
Along with that we had tennis coaching and PYCC with coach Ryan.
We are onto the internet with presenting our work for blogging and commenting on other student's work.
We love our EHSAS work.
Taking photos, filming and editing has been great.
Have a wonderful EASTER BREAK!
Reported by Boaza

Room 7 — Together Everyone Achieves More

Term 1 of 2009 was a learning experience for us. Getting the routines and working on our goals for the term took us a while. We started with a class of 25 and then the number increased to 26. The class vision which is “TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE” was our focus. Towards the end of the term, we felt that we were getting there, as we tried to work together as a team. The improvement shown in our Basic Facts and Spelling tests was an indication of that.
The powhiri at the beginning of the year to welcome the visitors to our school was well done by the Year 8 students. Joshua Finauvala, who is one of those who led it, did very well and made the Room 7 students proud. The three new teachers, Miss Parker, Mr Fatialofa, Mr Furivai and all the students to the school were also welcomed by the Year 8 students by another powhiri. This was an experience for Mr Furivai, a Rotuman, who is new to New Zealand. He expressed how happy he was to be here and honoured to br accorded such a traditional welcome.
We enjoyed our swimming lessons at the beginning of the term, even though getting down to the pool can be tough at times, especially in the hot sun. We kept in mind that the activity is a life-saving one, and gave it our best. We hope that term 2 will be a good one for us, and look forward to giving it our best shot. Having won two trophies at the second to last assembly for the term has motivated us to try even harder to achieve more.


It has been a struggle in the same class with some classic people. They are just being a real piece of work. Anyway, Mr Horan has given us the idea which we made it our motto “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE”, which makes it really hard trying to get everyone on board.
It has been really hard trying to compelte work up to the standard which the teacher expects it to be. She has a phrase which she always annoys us when she says “it has to be to my satisfaction OR up to a Year 8 Standard”. It seems to be THE Year 8 phrase which Miss Samson and Miss Waetford use all the time.
We found it hard to start the term with the big assignment called “Success 4 The Future” It took most of us about 4 to 6 weeks to complete it. Hard enough that our teacher keeps saying...NO PAIN NO GAIN which equates to NO WORK NO PLAY!!! Of course there is always the geeks of our class—Fine’eva Taufalele and Katrina Tearikimana. These two wonderful Rm 6 students are the geeks of our class. We love geeks!! They achieve great things. Why do they have to be like that?????
I’m just jealous!!!!

Room 3— What A Great Term to Learn Not BURN!

What a term! Greetings to family and friends from Room 3. There has been so much that has happened this term—inside and outside the classroom.
This term has been about getting to know each other, setting up our class systems, expectations, and lots and lots of assessments. Many Leaders have emerged during the term. John Ake and Laura I’u were chosen as our class councilors. School and House Leaders have recently been chosen. Room 3 is well represented by Laura I’u, Maata Hafoka, Amelia Loseli, John Ake and Braxton Baker.
Earlier this term we were well represented at the two powhiri for the World Peace Ship and also the new students and teachers. Everyone participated and did exceptionally well. Our class is also well represented in our school
sports teams and cultural activities.
Our main focus for the year is to get our class reading and mathematics up to and beyond each students chronological age. Many are already at their age so the challenge is for these students to go even further. Our class is encouraged to participate in as many extra-curricular activities as possible.
We also had lots and lots of FUN!!!
We are so looking forward to a great year!!!

Room 2 — Action Packed and Exhausted—Phew!

This term we had a lot to deal with...a new class, assessments, a new teacher, a new team, more assessments, swimming assemblies and even more assessment.
Our focus for this term—making the right choices and taking responsibility for those choices. For example—if we play around during class time that is our fault so we have to make that time up during our own time i.e morning tea, lunch time and or after school.
We had an awesome time at PYCC and with the tennis people that taught us how to play tennis and what equipment we had to use for it.
Congratulations to all of the school leaders for 2009. Especially the ones from our class.

Blue Light Fever

What an awesome day it was! Rooms 9 & 10 had Blue Light Sport and they had no idea what that was.
Blue Light is a programme in schools organised by the NZ Police. It gives children the opportunity to see the police differently by mixing with them in games of sport and attending other fun events like Blue Light Disco Nights.
Games of netball, volleyball, Frisbee, touch and rugby were played with lots of enthusiasm and loud cheering. It was scary at first because the police were really huge and we did not know what to say to them. I was glad that some of them were playing on my side. Not long after though everyone was cheering and calling out names.
The police were cool! Some times they tried to cheat or get tricky but we could handle it. What an awesome afternoon of non-stop sport.
Finally the day came to end with the police giving out cold drinks and lollipops. We said our good-byes and one of the girls thanked the police for the fun filled afternoon.
A huge thank you and hands up to the officers from us all at Tamaki Intermediate School.

Blue Light 4ever!

By Hola Room 9

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Room 9 - Our “Intermediate” journey has begun!

The biggest event for us this term would have to be the powhiri to welcome the year 7 students and the newly appointed staff to the school. Most of the new students had not witnessed a powhiri before and were really anxious when they had to perform in the powhiri as well. It felt good to be welcomed. After the powhiri it feels like we belong here.
This term we had to take a lot of tests to enable the teachers to understand what we know and what we need to be taught. We worked hard at producing our Independent Research Topic about “Me, Myself and I”. We have also done some awesome work in researching about the Treaty of Waitangi and our topic study about “H2O – Water”. With all the other things, this term we have learnt a lot of new maths ideas in algebra and statistics.
The students and the teacher in Room 9 have been working extraordinarily hard through out the term. We have been part of wonderful programmes like organised sport at school and at PYCC, Tennis coaching for Rooms 9 and 10 and swimming sessions which culminated in the most exciting swimming carnival.
Our goal this year is to produce quality writing. Mr Kopa -Katene always gives us colourful ideas to help us in our writing. This motivates us to produce interesting work.
We have put in a lot of hard work to achieve our personal goals. We all have improved in areas like listening to adults, behaving appropriately and working hard in class. We try to finish our work on time. However, if some students don’t finish their work on time they attend the catch- up club with one of the teachers.
On the whole, it has been a busy first term with a lot of new rules and routines to get used to. Our journey at intermediate has truly begun!

Written by Berttina

Room 10 - Participating in all school activities is important!

At the beginning of the term, Mrs. Nirmala our teacher made us take lots of tests to find out what we know and what we need to learn further. Our topic for this term was “Water”. We have been learning about how water is the most essential part of our life, how we are using it and how some people not taking care of this important resource that is needed for all on earth.

In order for us to learn in a better way, we are grouped for Reading, Writing, Numeracy and Maths. Learning stuff in statistics and algebra was fun. In English we have been reading and writing narratives. We enjoyed working in groups on character analysis, setting of the story, plot and various other aspects of narratives. We did proper letter writing and also worked on recount writing. In social studies we learnt about the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi.

At PYCC we enjoyed the organised sports. We also went swimming so that we can have the necessary skills to survive in water. We have had house sport every Friday and fitness on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We like our syndicate singing. The songs we sing are very nice and we love singing in harmony. Some of our class students are in Choir while some are in school sports like Rugby, Soft ball and Netball. We are all learning to participate in every activity offered by our teachers.

Once a term, we are the duty class. We take care of the rubbish around the school and arrange the hall for singing and assembly. We also take notices to all the classes.

We have done alright till now and we have enjoyed our first term at this school. We are looking forward to learning new things in Term 2. We wish all the teachers and students a happy and a safe holiday.

Written by Maroussia & Uluaki

Room 11 - Learning is fun with Miss Parker!

Term 1 Reflection by Feleti

In term one, in Statistics I learnt how to graph my findings and
interpret them. In Numeracy I learnt how to make tidy numbers when solving an equation. We also learnt smart strategies in addi
tion and subtraction. In art I learnt that lines are art too. I also learnt about how to write a letter and a recount.
At Swimarama, we learnt a lot of things about swimming techniques. We learnt all about what to do if there is a rip. We enjoyed the swimming sessions which ended in a carnival at the end which was a lot of fun. In Social Studies we learnt about the Treaty of Waitangi and the importance of water in our lives.

Term 1 Reflection by Lana

On the first day of school I felt nervous because I thought the teachers will look and act mean, but I was wrong, they are kind and sweet.
This term I have learnt to improve my number knowledge in addition, subtraction, multiplication division. The other interesting thing I learnt to do is answer questions about a newspaper article which was about the Oscar winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire”
This term we learnt to follow school rules and routines. We learnt to use our manners and to follow given instructions.

Term 1 Reflection by Pasepa

On the first day at school I was excited but at the same time I was nervous. When I got up in the morning I was wondering what class I was going to be in. Soon my fears fled away as I saw Miss Parker who looked kind and caring. From the time I came to this school I learnt a lot of things.
The first thing I learnt about this school is that they want us kids to be fit and healthy. I learnt a lot in maths. Spelling is not my favourite subject because I am not good at spelling but we are tested every Friday for spelling and basic facts and I learn my spelling words during the week.
The other things I have learnt at this school is to put my hands behind my back when walking in line, respect myself and others.

Room 12 - It’s great to be at Tamaki Intermediate!

At the beginning of this term we did lots of tests to find out what we know and what we need to learn. Test scores were also used to put us into our learning groups. We have Reading, Writing and Maths groups. In literacy we read and wrote narratives and recounts. In Maths we learnt a lot about Statistics and Algebra. For Social Studies we did inquiry based learning on The Treaty of Waitangi and in Science our topic was ‘Water’. We are trying our best to learn to the best of our ability.

Once a term, we are the duty class. We do rubbish duty, notices and set up the hall for assemblies. Our teacher chooses responsible students to take care of these jobs. On Wednesday the duty class goes to PYCC. At PYCC we enjoyed ourselves playing sport. Every Friday Year 7 students have house sport and participate in many tabloid sports activities. Our school also has assemblies on Fridays to acknowledge positive actions of students for the week. We had a good term and are looking forward to Term 2. We would like to thank our teacher Mrs R. Moopanar for ensuring that we get a good education and move forward in our learning.

Written by Jasmin and Robin

Room 16 - Inquiry learning is a clever way to learn!

The first thing we did this term was swimming at Swimarama to improve our swimming skills. The walk down to the pools was long and hot. We did this so our fitness levels could improve as well. We struck two birds at one go!
This term we have been busy filming for our BlogSpot Tamaki Tales. Earle is our camera whiz! Some more of us are training to be cameramen and presenters. Thanks to Miss Walley and Mr. Munnik. All of us students involved with EHSAS work have had to work on our voice and expression.
In unit studies we have studied about conflicts and how to resolve them. We studied about conflicts in the world and how they are being resolved by the world leaders and common people. We made conflict art, using words about conflict. Each student in the extension unit is researching about a different world conflict. Social Inquiry learning is a clever way to learn!
We have been writing a lot of awesome narratives and painless poems for our writing. We have endeavored to make sure our writing has interesting adjectives, similes and better phrases. Overall it has been a fantastic experience as first years and we have had a lot of fun. We are looking forward to next term and different learning adventures.

Written by Scott, Jorjah and Lorraine

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grease Recount

On Friday the 3rd of April 55 students from Tamaki Intermediate went to the Grease Production at Selwyn College. It was performed in the Auditorium.

At 11.15 the students that were going lined up in the hall. Then we were instructed by Miss Waetford our Deputy Principal to get in three lines and we all started to jump on the bus and get in our seats. Some people had to stand.

When we arrived at Selwyn College we waited for about 5 minute and then we were instructed to go inside. We got in our chairs and we were in the front row of seats. We had such an awesome view.
Before the show could begin the host told us that there were lighting difficulties but they didn’t care the would just kept performing.That showed us what great actors they were.
One of my favorite parts of the play was when everybody was dancing, flipping and doing the amazing splits.

The main two characters were Danny and Sandy, the actors were very good. Danny had and his friends wore black t-shirts and leather jackets. They were naughty boys. Sandy was friends with the Pink Ladies. The girl who played Rizzo had such an attitude. Eugene was a nerd and the actor who played him was really good, he was very funny. There was lots of beautiful singing. They had really nice voices and amazing dance moves. They must have practiced a lot.

The second part was a lot funnier. It was so loud I thought my ears were going to explode. The funniest part when they sang Beauty School Drop Out and there was a boy dressed as a girl it was really funny. I really enjoyed the production and hope to go to another production at Selwyn College.

By Lorraine Room 16

Monday, April 6, 2009

Duffy Role Model Assembly

Yeah! We couldn’t wait! Our Duffy Books had arrived. The whole school assembled in the hall to be presented with our Duffy Books. Joshua Williams and The Remuera Rotary Club Members came to Tamaki Intermediate School on Monday March 30th 2009.
We waited anxiously to see what was going to happen??
They arrived. They walked up and sat down on stage and waited very patiently until our head boy Tipiloma introduced them.
Joshua Williams was first up.
He first spoke about reading books and I thought it was going to be boring until he kind of made it sound COOL! He asked us, “Do you want to see a trick ?”
We said,” YES !” I was wondering what is going to happen. He jumped and did a back flip, not that surprising I was thinking, but still I went with it and clapped. Joshua Williams then sang, it was pretty awesome. He reminded us to “Read to Succeed”. His message was,”It’s cool to read”.”It’s cool to achieve”.
Tipiloma thanked Joshua Williams and the other guests. Our principal Mr Horan then presented our Duffy Books.
I think it was a great assembly because we had fun and got books to read.

Matilda, Room 15

War in The Middle East

Did you know that Arabs have been killing Jews for the past 100 years just so that they would stay off their land even though it was defined as a future Jewish state by the League of Nations in 1920....

The war in the Middle East took place in Israel on the outside of Saudi Arabia.

The causes of the war between the Arabs and the Jews is the fact that no Arabs were willing to let any Jews live on their country. So to make sure no Jews came to their country the Arabs have been killing any Jews that set foot on their land. They kept doing it for about 100 years

The Arabs The Jews
Many Jews, and a lot of innocent people, pets and babies were killed.Many houses were destroyed
Israel prevailed and the Jews stayed away from their land. They didn’t come to total peace but they made an agreement after the League of Nations spoke to them and made them stop fighting.

By Sharma, Rm15

Conflict In The World

In week 5 we began our topic on CONFLICT. Conflict is to differ or disagree. We brainstormed words to do with conflict. Conflict can lead to battle, combat, fighting, strife and war. We began our study by looking at conflict at different levels – Personal, Family, Community and World and what causes conflict. We engaged in role playing to show conflict situations. We then talked about strategies to solve conflict. We learnt that there are many positive ways to solve conflicts. Our writing task was an Information Report on one world conflict. It was interesting to research our information and present it as Report.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Warriors Revenge

Room 16 has written narratives in class. Beau wrote a narrative about the Warriors. Below is his story.

The Warriors are warming up in the changing room getting ready for the NRL grand final. Dennan Cordtz knows he’s going to shine on that field tonight.
Brent Steward and he are worst enemies they hate each other like bulldogs he knows he has to beat him.

Dennan Cordtz scores the first try because he stepped Brent Steward and dives for a try.

Later in the game the Sea Eagles are winning. The Warriors know they have to score.
Joel Mark cross kicks it to Manu and he jumps up for the ball and gets a try the crowd screams it sounds like a lion roaring.

It is a draw Dennan Kemp has to get the goal he is nervous his heart is beating fast, he wants it so bad!

He takes his time to kick the ball but finally he kicks it and it shoots over the post.The warriors have won and Dennan knows he beat his enemy Brent Steward.
They were as happy as kangaroos...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Room15 Word Art On Conflict

Room15 was excited about this new topic which is conflict. Mrs. Baker (our art teacher) gave us an idea to do a creative art work on this topic.We enjoyed working together and this activty help us to realise that we should co-operate with each other and create a friendly classroom environment.

By Boaza, Room15