Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Akuma conquers Anubis

In a far away land called Anubis there live three good super heroes. They protect the lovely land of Anubis. Their names are Iceman, Crypto & Krash. Their arch enemies are Lava girl, Kurk and their evil leader Akuma. Akuma wants to conquer Anubis.

This is the 3rd year Akuma has tried to take it over. However the goodies keep stopping them. Now Akuma is growing stronger than ever. They might not be able to stop Akuma with his evil powers, he is becoming IMMORTAL. He has max muscle, flying abilities, fire balls, eye rays and a super punch.

Iceman, Crypto & Krash were walking around protecting the city when they saw the baddies coming towards them. They started to fight. Crypto versus Akuma, Iceman versus Lava girl and Krash versus Kurk. Iceman dodged one of Lava girls fireballs then froze her & smashed her to pieces. Krash and Kurk fought. Krash span at Kurk then tried to body slam him but he missed. Kurk was an earth bender. He lifted up rocks and threw them at Krash.

Crypto and Akuma fought. Akuma struck him with his eye rays, flew up and did a fireball then super punched him with a blow that killed him. Then he did the same to Iceman.
In the end the bad guys won and took over Anubis. It is not such a nice place to visit now.

By Isaiah Room 16

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