Thursday, April 9, 2009

Room 15 — Sharing The Luv With Blogging

We started the year with a big happy smile to know that we would be in Room 15. We began with our great aquatics programme to learn how to swim with confidence in water. Room 15 students participated well in the Aquastics Programme. Our star swimmers were Courtney, Valerie and Mele.
Ou motto this year is "Positive Attitude, Aim High, 100%Effort".
Our topic this term was CONFLICT. Interesting, we thought. We learnt positives ways to deal with conflict in school.
Our IRT subject “Success for the Future” was our 3 weeks homework. Then there with tests like PAT’s and ESA’s and the entire asTTLe test. It was hard work. We enjoyed technology, fitness and house sports.
Along with that we had tennis coaching and PYCC with coach Ryan.
We are onto the internet with presenting our work for blogging and commenting on other student's work.
We love our EHSAS work.
Taking photos, filming and editing has been great.
Have a wonderful EASTER BREAK!
Reported by Boaza


Manaiakalani said...

Great summary of your first term in Room 15 Boaza. I am very glad you have enjoyed your EHSAS work because your followers are certainly enjoying all you have to share.
You have a fun holiday and I will be looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Term 2.
Mrs Burt

Dan said...

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Casey said...

Wow!! That sounded like fun. Room 15 must be really smart and I hope Room 15 will give lots more in Term 2. And a big hands up to Boaza for the report

Mrs R. Moopanar said...

Great report Boaza.

Mrs R. moopanar said...

Great report Boaza.