Friday, April 3, 2009

Warriors Revenge

Room 16 has written narratives in class. Beau wrote a narrative about the Warriors. Below is his story.

The Warriors are warming up in the changing room getting ready for the NRL grand final. Dennan Cordtz knows he’s going to shine on that field tonight.
Brent Steward and he are worst enemies they hate each other like bulldogs he knows he has to beat him.

Dennan Cordtz scores the first try because he stepped Brent Steward and dives for a try.

Later in the game the Sea Eagles are winning. The Warriors know they have to score.
Joel Mark cross kicks it to Manu and he jumps up for the ball and gets a try the crowd screams it sounds like a lion roaring.

It is a draw Dennan Kemp has to get the goal he is nervous his heart is beating fast, he wants it so bad!

He takes his time to kick the ball but finally he kicks it and it shoots over the post.The warriors have won and Dennan knows he beat his enemy Brent Steward.
They were as happy as kangaroos...


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Beau

What great writing. I was very pleased to see you back online posting and I must say that some of the similes you have used really made me smile. I am sure sports writers will one day be writing about you if you keep focussed on your work AND your sport!
Keep up the good work
Mrs Burt

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Kia Ora Beau,
It's great to see your writing posted, I really enjoyed reading it. I loved the way you likened the cheers of the crowd to a Lion's roar!
I could sense the excitement in your wrtiting, keep it up!
Looking forward to reading more.

Mrs Nua

earle said...

To Beau
I liked the way you presented your work it was very good.

By Earle

Isaiah said...

To Beau

Beau that was a good game to watch nice story.
From Isaiah