Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Room 9 - Our “Intermediate” journey has begun!

The biggest event for us this term would have to be the powhiri to welcome the year 7 students and the newly appointed staff to the school. Most of the new students had not witnessed a powhiri before and were really anxious when they had to perform in the powhiri as well. It felt good to be welcomed. After the powhiri it feels like we belong here.
This term we had to take a lot of tests to enable the teachers to understand what we know and what we need to be taught. We worked hard at producing our Independent Research Topic about “Me, Myself and I”. We have also done some awesome work in researching about the Treaty of Waitangi and our topic study about “H2O – Water”. With all the other things, this term we have learnt a lot of new maths ideas in algebra and statistics.
The students and the teacher in Room 9 have been working extraordinarily hard through out the term. We have been part of wonderful programmes like organised sport at school and at PYCC, Tennis coaching for Rooms 9 and 10 and swimming sessions which culminated in the most exciting swimming carnival.
Our goal this year is to produce quality writing. Mr Kopa -Katene always gives us colourful ideas to help us in our writing. This motivates us to produce interesting work.
We have put in a lot of hard work to achieve our personal goals. We all have improved in areas like listening to adults, behaving appropriately and working hard in class. We try to finish our work on time. However, if some students don’t finish their work on time they attend the catch- up club with one of the teachers.
On the whole, it has been a busy first term with a lot of new rules and routines to get used to. Our journey at intermediate has truly begun!

Written by Berttina

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Glenbrae Room 7 said...

Hi. You sound very positive about the beginning of your Intermediate journey and that's great. You seem like a student that all teachers want - one that participates, is cheerful and takes every opportunity that is offered. Best wishes.
Mrs Boyer