Thursday, April 9, 2009

Room 7 — Together Everyone Achieves More

Term 1 of 2009 was a learning experience for us. Getting the routines and working on our goals for the term took us a while. We started with a class of 25 and then the number increased to 26. The class vision which is “TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE” was our focus. Towards the end of the term, we felt that we were getting there, as we tried to work together as a team. The improvement shown in our Basic Facts and Spelling tests was an indication of that.
The powhiri at the beginning of the year to welcome the visitors to our school was well done by the Year 8 students. Joshua Finauvala, who is one of those who led it, did very well and made the Room 7 students proud. The three new teachers, Miss Parker, Mr Fatialofa, Mr Furivai and all the students to the school were also welcomed by the Year 8 students by another powhiri. This was an experience for Mr Furivai, a Rotuman, who is new to New Zealand. He expressed how happy he was to be here and honoured to br accorded such a traditional welcome.
We enjoyed our swimming lessons at the beginning of the term, even though getting down to the pool can be tough at times, especially in the hot sun. We kept in mind that the activity is a life-saving one, and gave it our best. We hope that term 2 will be a good one for us, and look forward to giving it our best shot. Having won two trophies at the second to last assembly for the term has motivated us to try even harder to achieve more.

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hey every body itz ezera its been good k c ya