Thursday, April 9, 2009


It has been a struggle in the same class with some classic people. They are just being a real piece of work. Anyway, Mr Horan has given us the idea which we made it our motto “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE”, which makes it really hard trying to get everyone on board.
It has been really hard trying to compelte work up to the standard which the teacher expects it to be. She has a phrase which she always annoys us when she says “it has to be to my satisfaction OR up to a Year 8 Standard”. It seems to be THE Year 8 phrase which Miss Samson and Miss Waetford use all the time.
We found it hard to start the term with the big assignment called “Success 4 The Future” It took most of us about 4 to 6 weeks to complete it. Hard enough that our teacher keeps saying...NO PAIN NO GAIN which equates to NO WORK NO PLAY!!! Of course there is always the geeks of our class—Fine’eva Taufalele and Katrina Tearikimana. These two wonderful Rm 6 students are the geeks of our class. We love geeks!! They achieve great things. Why do they have to be like that?????
I’m just jealous!!!!

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Manaiakalani said...

To whoever wrote this post
You gave me a laugh as I read this. But I didn't get an answer from you.
ARE you up to the standard of a Year 8 :) I am sure glad to hear that you have been working on it and well done to Fine'ava and Katrina for setting the bar high. You will be grateful to them one day when you are a successful adult....
Have a happy Easter
Mrs Burt