Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blue Light Fever

What an awesome day it was! Rooms 9 & 10 had Blue Light Sport and they had no idea what that was.
Blue Light is a programme in schools organised by the NZ Police. It gives children the opportunity to see the police differently by mixing with them in games of sport and attending other fun events like Blue Light Disco Nights.
Games of netball, volleyball, Frisbee, touch and rugby were played with lots of enthusiasm and loud cheering. It was scary at first because the police were really huge and we did not know what to say to them. I was glad that some of them were playing on my side. Not long after though everyone was cheering and calling out names.
The police were cool! Some times they tried to cheat or get tricky but we could handle it. What an awesome afternoon of non-stop sport.
Finally the day came to end with the police giving out cold drinks and lollipops. We said our good-byes and one of the girls thanked the police for the fun filled afternoon.
A huge thank you and hands up to the officers from us all at Tamaki Intermediate School.

Blue Light 4ever!

By Hola Room 9


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Hola, you have written a great report on the Blue Light Sports event. I agree with you that it is fantastic to have Police who are prepared to get involved with school kids in a positive way. It sounds like you have had the opportunity to see a completely different side of them. Getting tricky and cheating, huh?
Keep up the great writing
Mrs Burt

Elaine said...

To hola

hey ya that was a very nice story of light blue fever great work.

Elaine said...

To Hola

welldone on getting a great piece of work done.