Monday, April 6, 2009

War in The Middle East

Did you know that Arabs have been killing Jews for the past 100 years just so that they would stay off their land even though it was defined as a future Jewish state by the League of Nations in 1920....

The war in the Middle East took place in Israel on the outside of Saudi Arabia.

The causes of the war between the Arabs and the Jews is the fact that no Arabs were willing to let any Jews live on their country. So to make sure no Jews came to their country the Arabs have been killing any Jews that set foot on their land. They kept doing it for about 100 years

The Arabs The Jews
Many Jews, and a lot of innocent people, pets and babies were killed.Many houses were destroyed
Israel prevailed and the Jews stayed away from their land. They didn’t come to total peace but they made an agreement after the League of Nations spoke to them and made them stop fighting.

By Sharma, Rm15

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Anonymous said...

Very well written piece of work Sharma.Really informative too. So very proud of you and the work you have published.

Shane and Tania