Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holiday Recount - Warriors Game

On Saturday I watched the Warriors game on television.

In the first part of the game the warriors kicked off to the Melbourne Storm.
It was an intense first half for both teams. The Storm got the first try. It didn’t take that long for the Warriors to come back.

In the second half the warriors were working their way back to win the game but the storms defense was too good. It was an exciting second half they both had heaps of chances but they never took them. It was like they didn’t want to play. In the second half it became a draw.

It was golden point it was a draw. They both tried to take drop goals to try and win the game. It was the second half of golden point the warriors passed it to Stacey Jones for a drop goal but he dropped the ball it was FINISHED.

In the end it was a draw but it was a good game to watch.



Mrs Sigamoney said...

You seem to be a keen rugby league fan. You give a good description of the game. I am sure you enjoyed watching the game. Keep up the good wriitng.

Isaiah said...

To Beau
Yeah it was a good game to watch. The ref was just a hater it come of Stacey's leg and when Nathan Fien got the drop goal.
By ♥♥Isaiah♥♥

Room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Beau,
It was good to read something you like doing. Are you still playing league for Ellerslie? I like watching league and hope the Warriors win this week on Sunday against the Cowboys (I hope that's right). Keep up the great writing.

Miss Lavakula

ps. when posting to your blog don't forget to add NZ Warriors, Tamaki Intermediate. That way when people google or search those tags your blog should also come up too.

Ms Pagai said...

Hi Beau,

We love rugby too but only the All Blacks and Warriors ... Oh yeah and our homeland Samoa.

You are definitely a fan! Continue doing a wonderful job with your writing!

Veli Kood!