Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Room 12 - It’s great to be at Tamaki Intermediate!

At the beginning of this term we did lots of tests to find out what we know and what we need to learn. Test scores were also used to put us into our learning groups. We have Reading, Writing and Maths groups. In literacy we read and wrote narratives and recounts. In Maths we learnt a lot about Statistics and Algebra. For Social Studies we did inquiry based learning on The Treaty of Waitangi and in Science our topic was ‘Water’. We are trying our best to learn to the best of our ability.

Once a term, we are the duty class. We do rubbish duty, notices and set up the hall for assemblies. Our teacher chooses responsible students to take care of these jobs. On Wednesday the duty class goes to PYCC. At PYCC we enjoyed ourselves playing sport. Every Friday Year 7 students have house sport and participate in many tabloid sports activities. Our school also has assemblies on Fridays to acknowledge positive actions of students for the week. We had a good term and are looking forward to Term 2. We would like to thank our teacher Mrs R. Moopanar for ensuring that we get a good education and move forward in our learning.

Written by Jasmin and Robin


Chyann said...

To Robin and Jasmin,

I'm sure you had a great time at PYCC. Good job keep up the great work.

From Chyann

Radha Moopanar said...

Room 12

I hope you are enjoying your new teacher. I miss you guys and the school very much. I am enjoying my new school. All the best for the future.

Mrs R. Moopanar

Bradley said...

I enjoyed your writing. It is a good piece
for a year 7. You explained well what you are doing and what you will be learning.