Friday, May 7, 2010

Xeneqe's Discussion Writing

Some people agree with raising the drinking age to 20 yrs while others disagree.

Some people feel the drinking age should be raised to 20 yrs and over. Firstly teenager are beginning to do irresponsible things like robberies and starting fights. Secondly 18yr olds are too young to start drinking. If they raise the drinking age to 20yrs then teenagers won’t be able to buy their own alcohol. Lastly if they have a party at home, having alcohol is not a good idea.

On the other hand some teenagers will disagree because then they will have to wait till they turn 20 yrs of age. Some people’s opinion is that teenagers will probably ask their parents to buy the alcohol for them. They can’t just walk into the liquor shop and purchase alcohol.

I think that the drinking age should be raised after all the stupid stuff that has happened throughout the year.

By Xeneqe Rm 2

Meshaq's Discussion Writing

Should We Extend Shopping Hours On Easter Weekend

Some people think we should while others disagree.

Some people feel that shopkeepers should extend shopping hours on the Easter weekend. People run out of food and need more time to shop. Shopping with the family is fun and exciting. Store owners could earn themselves more money.

Other people feel that shopkeepers need a break on the Easter weekend. They need to spend the time with their family. Easter is a religious holiday and people need to go to church. This is important quality time for Christian families.

I think that we shouldn’t extend shopping hours on Easter weekend.
By Meshaq

Longoa'a's Mother's Day Letter

Dear Mrs Baker
My mother’s day letter is for my father.
Unfortunately my mother is not with me and I have not had any female influence in my life for at least two years so my dad is like a mother to me.
My dad has been there for me every step of the way .
He has helped me with my education and he has always supported me through school. My dad is very funny even in the toughest of times.
My dad is special to me because he plays two roles in my life so that’s why this letter is dedicated to him. A book for him would be really appreciated Mrs Baker.
Longoa’a Rm2

Jorjah's Mother's Day Letter

Dear Mrs Baker

I think my mum should be chosen to get a prize because she is a single mother that looks after five kids but she always finds a way to get to all our shows and prize giving. She always goes that extra mile just for me. She is a very strong woman. She is the best mum I could ever hope for.
When I was little I wasn’t that good at spelling or maths so my mum would stay awake all night and cut colourful shapes out and put words or numbers on them to help me. She would always go out of her way to practise with me .I remember when she used to make biscuits and cakes and whenever she did, she got out my apron and I would help out. I always got the extras and the best thing is, she still to this day does the same thing and I love it.
She deserves this gift after everything she has done for our family. She has been through all the tough times we had but even when we were having trouble she was always there for my siblings and I. I love her with all my heart and I know she loves me too.
I just want to make her day that much more special.

Jorjah, Rm 2

Year 8 Girls Soccer

On Tuesday 4th of May fifteen Yr 8 girls travelled by van with our coach Mrs Sigamoney and Mrs Gawn to Crossfield Grounds to compete in the Eastern Zone Soccer. Once we arrived at the grounds the weather wasn’t too promising but we were still filled with excitement.
Our first soccer game was against Glendowie Intermediate. We had 11 girls playing and 4 subs. It was a pretty easy game. We felt nervous but once we started we gave it our all. The points were 3 – 0 to Tamaki.
Our second game was against Ellerslie Intermediate. It was a pretty tough game but we managed to get along with them. The points were 1 - 0 to Ellerslie.
Our third game was against Churchill. We played extremely well against them. The score was 6 – 0 to Tamaki. They weren’t professionally good as we expected so we seized the opportunity.
Our fourth game was against St Thomas. St Thomas was really good but we lost by a low score. The points were 2 – 0 to them.
We didn’t expect to be in the semi- finals but we made it in. Tamaki were the runners up in Pool A and we challenged Baradene Intermediate. It was a very challenging game and we put all our effort into the game but unfortunately we lost 2 – 0 to them.
Our last game of the day was against Ellerslie again. We tried our best in this game but we lost. The important thing was that we had fun and we did our best. The points were 2 – 0 to them.
It was time for prize giving. Tamaki Yr 8 girls came fourth and the Yr 7s came fourth too. Finally it was time to head back to school. We had a fabulous day at soccer.
We would like to thank Mrs Sigamoney, Mr Horan and Mr Utanga for putting their effort in coaching us. A big thank you to Mrs Gawn for transporting us safely

Lana and Maroussia

Room 2

Students Attitude to Smoking?

“Is smoking good and will students try it?”
Well after survrying some students on this issue these are their views and reasons.
There are two very strong and persuasive sides to this issue where some students say yes to smoking while others feel every cigarette is taking a short period of their life away.
Here are some reasons why some students think it is a good idea. One reason is that it calms you down. Other reasons are they smoke because it is too hard to quit (in other words it is addictive), It is cool to smoke and students try to show off to get attention.
On the other hand many students say no to smoking. One reason is that smoking kills and takes years of your life away. Another reason is thatt cigarettes are a waste of their money. They feel that they will not be good role models as adults. They do not like to smoke and disappoint their parents. Smoking stains your teeth, your teeth will start to rot and you will have bad breath.
In summary although it calms you down, it is taking years off your life which you could be spending with your friends and family.
Therefore I think that nobody should smoke and that smoking is not good for you.

By Jorjah

Introduction for Rm 2 Term 2

Room 2 began this term with discussion writing. We worked in groups to choose a current issue and brainstorm our ideas. We looked at the issue and discussed the arguments for and against it and make recommendations.

Nelya's Media Training

Monday was a special day for me because it was my first time on the “Tamaki Today” channel. When I first stepped in the studio I was overwhelmed because there were all these cameras and the lights, the microphones and the big computer system.

I felt more confident after listening to Longoa’a and Lana practicing. They were hilarious! They made me laugh and I felt more relaxed. While Longoa’a and Lana were practising Berttina and Jorjah were explaining to me how to use the camera and then it was Jorjah’s turn. After that I got my words and it was my turn to present the show. I was nervous that I would make mistakes but when my moment came, even though I was shy I did pretty well.

The last thing I said in front of the camera was “This was Nellie for Tamaki Today”. What a relief! After presenting we had to edit whatever we recorded. I had lots of fun and I will never forget my first time in front of the camera. I look forward to my next presentation.


Rm 2