Friday, May 7, 2010

Meshaq's Discussion Writing

Should We Extend Shopping Hours On Easter Weekend

Some people think we should while others disagree.

Some people feel that shopkeepers should extend shopping hours on the Easter weekend. People run out of food and need more time to shop. Shopping with the family is fun and exciting. Store owners could earn themselves more money.

Other people feel that shopkeepers need a break on the Easter weekend. They need to spend the time with their family. Easter is a religious holiday and people need to go to church. This is important quality time for Christian families.

I think that we shouldn’t extend shopping hours on Easter weekend.
By Meshaq


Scott Hita Rm2 TIS said...

Hey Meshaq I think that shopkeepers hours should either stay the same or be reduced because as you said they need a holiday too.

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Meshaq

I found your argument for and against this issue interesting. I think that its respectful to observe the Christian celebration of Easter, and that shopping hours shouldn't be extended.

On the other hand, there are many people who are non-religious who might prefer extended shopping hours since they have the time off.

Well done for presenting your point of view, and keep up the great work.

Mrs Lagitupu

Beau rm2 said...

Hi Meshaq that peice of writing was awsome.
Keep it up .

Anthony rm 2 said...

Hi Meshaq
That sounded really intresting,it was really good.keep up with the excellent work.

By Anthony

Synergy Rm2 said...

Good arguments Meshaq.You chose great points and explained them well. keep up the good writing meshaq

By Synergy

Miss Garden said...

You present both points of view clearly Meshaq.
I think that at the moment we have a good mix of both; there are shopping days and holidays observed.
Miss Garden

Nelya room2 said...

I found your argument very interesting .
Keep up the good work!