Friday, May 7, 2010

Year 8 Girls Soccer

On Tuesday 4th of May fifteen Yr 8 girls travelled by van with our coach Mrs Sigamoney and Mrs Gawn to Crossfield Grounds to compete in the Eastern Zone Soccer. Once we arrived at the grounds the weather wasn’t too promising but we were still filled with excitement.
Our first soccer game was against Glendowie Intermediate. We had 11 girls playing and 4 subs. It was a pretty easy game. We felt nervous but once we started we gave it our all. The points were 3 – 0 to Tamaki.
Our second game was against Ellerslie Intermediate. It was a pretty tough game but we managed to get along with them. The points were 1 - 0 to Ellerslie.
Our third game was against Churchill. We played extremely well against them. The score was 6 – 0 to Tamaki. They weren’t professionally good as we expected so we seized the opportunity.
Our fourth game was against St Thomas. St Thomas was really good but we lost by a low score. The points were 2 – 0 to them.
We didn’t expect to be in the semi- finals but we made it in. Tamaki were the runners up in Pool A and we challenged Baradene Intermediate. It was a very challenging game and we put all our effort into the game but unfortunately we lost 2 – 0 to them.
Our last game of the day was against Ellerslie again. We tried our best in this game but we lost. The important thing was that we had fun and we did our best. The points were 2 – 0 to them.
It was time for prize giving. Tamaki Yr 8 girls came fourth and the Yr 7s came fourth too. Finally it was time to head back to school. We had a fabulous day at soccer.
We would like to thank Mrs Sigamoney, Mr Horan and Mr Utanga for putting their effort in coaching us. A big thank you to Mrs Gawn for transporting us safely

Lana and Maroussia

Room 2


Nelya said...

That day will stay for ever in our hearts not as 4th but 1st.Thank God tha the weather turned out to be good.I also love your presentation Lana and Sia,you did a great job,keep going hard on what you want to achieve.Nelya rm2.

Anonymous said...

He girls,

It seems like you guys had so much fun that day!
well i hope to here more sports reports soon!!
Keep up the exersice and all!!

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENCE!! WOW! you guys must of had alot of fun! keep up the team work and do your best