Friday, May 7, 2010

Students Attitude to Smoking?

“Is smoking good and will students try it?”
Well after survrying some students on this issue these are their views and reasons.
There are two very strong and persuasive sides to this issue where some students say yes to smoking while others feel every cigarette is taking a short period of their life away.
Here are some reasons why some students think it is a good idea. One reason is that it calms you down. Other reasons are they smoke because it is too hard to quit (in other words it is addictive), It is cool to smoke and students try to show off to get attention.
On the other hand many students say no to smoking. One reason is that smoking kills and takes years of your life away. Another reason is thatt cigarettes are a waste of their money. They feel that they will not be good role models as adults. They do not like to smoke and disappoint their parents. Smoking stains your teeth, your teeth will start to rot and you will have bad breath.
In summary although it calms you down, it is taking years off your life which you could be spending with your friends and family.
Therefore I think that nobody should smoke and that smoking is not good for you.

By Jorjah


Bad Breath & Halitosis Cures said...

Both cause Dry Mouth. Dry Mouth is Stress turned inwards.
In one moment a high stress load can result in years of Bad Breath (Halitosis)
It even feeds on itself.
Do you know the most common treatment people who know they have Bad Breath use?
They hold their breath!
And holding your breath is very effective.
Unless the elevator you’re in has more than 8 floors. That’s about the 30 second mark when you have to take another breath, at which point all others in the elevator will get off at the next floor quick, even if that floor is the seventh circle of hell.
During all this your Bad Breath bacteria loves it, as they can’t stand Oxygen or water and love Stress.
The next most common treatment people use is to either keep as far away as possible to the person your talking too, 20 yards should do it, or using the phone is perfect even if the person you’re talking with is in the next office.
It seems now the very best treatment is stay at home hopefully on your own and have everything you need delivered to you preferably through a small opening in the wall.
This leads to depression which your doctor will quickly prescribe anti depressants and the bacteria in your mouth throat and sinus start congratulating each other knowing that those pills will keep your mouth dry and guarantee there existence.
Bacteria like fire make an excellent servant but a terrible master.
As you see bacteria, like all life will endure any insult suffer any humiliation just for the hope, the possibility of a moment’s additional existence.
Yet engaging the right advice to the letter will put the cycle back to where it started with mind and body in healthy sync.
Oraltech Research Laboratories, written technical extract. C Copyright 2010-2020
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Daisha said...

Hey Jorjah...

I think your piece of writing is great and pretty persuasuve.

Keep it up and you'll be right up top in no time!