Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Food Technology Amazing Pizzas

On Tuesday 24th of March, Room 15 girls had technology. Our task was to make our very own pizza. We named our pizza MiZZean Pizza.
1/2 cup of flour
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1/4 tsp of salt
2 tbsp of milk
2 tbsp of oil.

1.First we had to sift all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
2.Then we had to combine the dry ingredients and the milk.
3.We kneaded together a dough to make the base for the pizza.
4.We shaped the dough and then placed it on a cold greased tray.
5.We spread a little oil and milk over the pizza.
6.We spread tomato paste on it, and added the toppings
7.We used bacon, onions, capsicum and then grated cheese.

The cheese melted and smelt scrumptious. We cut it into even pieces and shared it in the group. We enjoyed our pizza creation. Mama Mia!

Sharma Rapata, Rm15

Fabulous Word Art on Conflict

Room 15 students did word art as part of our Electives programme. It was based on our theme of Conflict. First we brainstormed positive and negative words on Conflict. Then we chose four to five words and planned our word design on newsprint. This stage took several times of planning. Our letters had to link with each other to form other words. We transferred our plan onto cartridge using ordinary pencil. The words had to be clear and the letters big and double. We had to colour the words in one fluorescent pastel and the background in another colour. Our colour choices could be in conflict to go with our theme. We had to outline the words using art pencil. The result was stunning!
conflict, harmony, land, power, world, fight, laugh, cry, war, peace, enemy, friend, hate, love, agree, disagree!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Room 16 - Painless Poetry 2

Room 16 has written more painless poetry in class. In this video Scott, Ramona, Renz and Taiapa share their painless poems. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Room 16 - Painless Poetry

Room 16 wrote painless poems in class. Some of the students recorded their poems. The students enjoyed writing their poems and describing different emotions. We hope you enjoy them too!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tamaki Intermediate Police Visit

The police 011324487640290:
came and visited each class at Tamaki Intermediate. Below is a recount by a year 7 student in room 11.

On Thursday 19th March 2009 the police came to talk to Room 11 about truancy, which is wagging, and correct behaviour. The policemen’s names were Andy and Mr.T. They said that we must obey our parents, be respectful to them and use our manners. Andy said, “Bad people will put down others, tag and bully them. They will also shop lift and make trouble. If they make put downs we need to just walk away or tell a friend or an adult”.

A lot of kids that cause trouble and bully others are not good at reading and writing, so they can’t keep up with their schoolwork and so they make trouble for everyone else.

Andy said it was important to read and write. Getting a good education leads to a good job and a lot of money. Policemen have a good job and paid well.
If a student starts to wag school their parents will be taken to court.

Recount written by Huingamate

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's Learn Swahili!

Joelle is our student from the Congo. Let's learn Swahili is the first of a series of lessons in Swahili. Today Boaza and Kupakwashe are her students.
She will teach them greetings and introductions in Swahili. Enjoy the lesson and look out for more lessons.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Year 8 Eastern Zone Softball

!!Softball Report!!
On Wednesday the 4 March the year 8 girl’s softball team travelled down to Sancta Maria College to compete in the eastern Zone games 2009Our first game was against Mission Heights intermediate. This was a very easy game. We got most of there players out on there first bat and we won by 14-0.Our second game was against Baradene College. This was a very fun but challenging game. Eseta did well in her pitching. Our play was strong. We won 8-6.After this game we walked over to where the boys were playing. The boys got a lot of home runs in this game!! When they were out fielding they had good catches and Shades pitching was very good! Paul was a good backstop as well! They were awesome to watch. Our next game was against Farm Cove Intermediate. This was a strict but long game!! All the girls did very well in this game especially with their fielding, running and batting. Mrs Bailey said this was one of our best games throughout the whole day and we won 4-2. Our last game was for first and second place. It was a very challenging game because their umpire came with a lot of unexpected rules that made most of our girls frustrated!! Some positive things that came out of this game was our awesome batting but or fielding was slack for a while. We could have picked ourselves up again but unfortunately time ran out and we lost 10-12. But still we did come second!!! We would like to thank Mrs Bailey and Mr Faatialofa for taking us and helping us to improve on our skills. We would also like to thank Mr Horan, Mrs Waetford and Miss Valoa for a ride there and back. And most of all to the girls for trying there hardest, believing in them selves and striving to their best.
Thank you
Seneti and Patricia

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Success for the Future


This year we started our IRT (Individualized research Project) on Success for the future. Doing the IRT was cool. I learned that there are many stages to become a bank manager. I learned that there is a banking school and you have to have Maths and English qualifications, go to courses, and finish University to go to a banking school. You have to have good skills in communication, people skills, creative ability and initiative. I think I did well and a great job. I made it as colourful as I could. In the end I think I did a spectacular job doing my IRT and I earned a deserving certificate. I have added a jingle in my IRT.


Taverio Room 15

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swimming Carnival

Aquatics Carnival
On the 27th February 2009 a group of 60 students from Tamaki Intermediate School took part in the Aquatics Carnival at the Panmure Lagoon Centre. We had pulsating races. “Ready, Set, GO! “Yelled Mrs Curran. Then off we went. The boys raced first. It was a hard race but they managed to get to the end. It was finally the girls’ turn. We raced between each other and it was really challenging. We had raced in freestyle, backstroke and breastroke. Finally that was over. At the end we got to do swimming relays. The boys’ joined in. We had to swim with a ball to the end of the pool, and then pass the ball to the next person. It was really fun. We really wanted to stay longer but the time was up and we had to get going. It was a fun day. We all can’t wait until the next Aquatics Carnival.
Valerie and Courtney!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Introducing Room 15

Introducing Room 15, Yr 8 Extension class at Tamaki Intermediate School. Mrs Sigamoney is the classroom teacher. We have 13 girls and 15 boys in our class. This year we welcome two new students to our school and our class. They are Joelle Kusimweray who comes from the Congo in Africa and Zeenat Begum from Fiji.
Our goal this year is to aim high, produce quality writing and acquire an authentic audience.