Sunday, March 29, 2009

Room 16 - Painless Poetry 2

Room 16 has written more painless poetry in class. In this video Scott, Ramona, Renz and Taiapa share their painless poems. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed writing them.


spxroom6 said...

Hey Tamaki Tales your painless poems are amazing ,good on you

Manaiakalani said...

Kia ora Ramona and Taiapa
Lovely to see you in front of a camera again :)
I have enjoyed listening to all the poems your class has been sharing on this blog. It is interesting to see the topics different ones of you choose to write your poems about. Did you choose them because they reflect your personalities? Or did you choose things you thought would be easy to write about?
Mrs Burt

Ms Pagai said...

Hi Ramona Hi Taiapa!

Love your work! You did an awesome job together. Nice.

Brooke said...

Hey Taiapa

It is me Brooksta i loved your blog and nice work