Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tamaki Intermediate Police Visit

The police 011324487640290:
came and visited each class at Tamaki Intermediate. Below is a recount by a year 7 student in room 11.

On Thursday 19th March 2009 the police came to talk to Room 11 about truancy, which is wagging, and correct behaviour. The policemen’s names were Andy and Mr.T. They said that we must obey our parents, be respectful to them and use our manners. Andy said, “Bad people will put down others, tag and bully them. They will also shop lift and make trouble. If they make put downs we need to just walk away or tell a friend or an adult”.

A lot of kids that cause trouble and bully others are not good at reading and writing, so they can’t keep up with their schoolwork and so they make trouble for everyone else.

Andy said it was important to read and write. Getting a good education leads to a good job and a lot of money. Policemen have a good job and paid well.
If a student starts to wag school their parents will be taken to court.

Recount written by Huingamate


Manaiakalani said...

Kia Ora Huingamate
I really enjoyed reading your recount. It sounds like the policemen had a lot to say about the importance of reading and writing - maybe they should write you people a blog post!
I am really enjoying the new look makeover for your blog too.

Keep up the good work
Mrs Burt

Beua said...

Hello Huingamate

It is important to read and write. That recount was awesome.

From Beau

olivia said...

Hey hugamate
I really liked your story
keep up the good work.
from Olivia