Thursday, March 12, 2009

Year 8 Eastern Zone Softball

!!Softball Report!!
On Wednesday the 4 March the year 8 girl’s softball team travelled down to Sancta Maria College to compete in the eastern Zone games 2009Our first game was against Mission Heights intermediate. This was a very easy game. We got most of there players out on there first bat and we won by 14-0.Our second game was against Baradene College. This was a very fun but challenging game. Eseta did well in her pitching. Our play was strong. We won 8-6.After this game we walked over to where the boys were playing. The boys got a lot of home runs in this game!! When they were out fielding they had good catches and Shades pitching was very good! Paul was a good backstop as well! They were awesome to watch. Our next game was against Farm Cove Intermediate. This was a strict but long game!! All the girls did very well in this game especially with their fielding, running and batting. Mrs Bailey said this was one of our best games throughout the whole day and we won 4-2. Our last game was for first and second place. It was a very challenging game because their umpire came with a lot of unexpected rules that made most of our girls frustrated!! Some positive things that came out of this game was our awesome batting but or fielding was slack for a while. We could have picked ourselves up again but unfortunately time ran out and we lost 10-12. But still we did come second!!! We would like to thank Mrs Bailey and Mr Faatialofa for taking us and helping us to improve on our skills. We would also like to thank Mr Horan, Mrs Waetford and Miss Valoa for a ride there and back. And most of all to the girls for trying there hardest, believing in them selves and striving to their best.
Thank you
Seneti and Patricia


Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Congratulations girls on your achievements in softball and second place is awesome. Well done to the boys teams too.

Miss Lavakula

Amelia Makalio said...

Hello Wow congrats on your achievements and im am very proud of you guys always checking out tamaki tales

all the best
Miss Makalio

spxroom6 said...

congratulation girls, you played your hardest out on the feild. you can always try next time to come first in the sofball tournament next time. well done to all of you tamaki students for playing, that also goes with the boys

room6 (spx)

Elaine said...

To Patrica and Seneti,

what a great story and congratulations to the girls on their softball game. Your story was really interesting - you improved. Also well done to the boys for their achievements. I am proud that you came third overall. Your tournament must have been challenging for you.

From Elaine