Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fabulous Word Art on Conflict

Room 15 students did word art as part of our Electives programme. It was based on our theme of Conflict. First we brainstormed positive and negative words on Conflict. Then we chose four to five words and planned our word design on newsprint. This stage took several times of planning. Our letters had to link with each other to form other words. We transferred our plan onto cartridge using ordinary pencil. The words had to be clear and the letters big and double. We had to colour the words in one fluorescent pastel and the background in another colour. Our colour choices could be in conflict to go with our theme. We had to outline the words using art pencil. The result was stunning!
conflict, harmony, land, power, world, fight, laugh, cry, war, peace, enemy, friend, hate, love, agree, disagree!


Boaza said...

Fabulous Art Work Romm15! Too bad my one wasn't on there. Any way Great Work!

Rose said...


That was good information writing. The arts looks wonderful.

From Rose - Room 16

Mrs Baker said...

Great work Room 15. Love the word art and your work on conflict.