Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meshaq's Winter Game

How to play Indoor Dodge Ball

Equipment needed:

5 large softballs

2 even teams of 5

A wall

A gold coin

A stop watch


1. First you get into two even teams.

2 Next play heads and tails and the winner gets the ball first.

3. Then each player in the winning team gets a ball each.

4. Use the stop watch to time the game for five minutes

5. Now begin the game.

6. You can only throw the ball at the players from the waist and below.

7. The team with the most players still standing wins.

8. After five minutes swap over.

You can make the time shorter to make the game more intense and challenging .

Introduction to Procedural Writing

Our topic for this term is on weather and weather disasters. Room 2 has been writing winter recipes and how to play indoor games for procedural writing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finacial Literacy Evaluations

We just finished an awesome session about financial literacy for a Math competition. I learnt new stuff about money such as profit, loss, interest, principal, amount, Kiwi saver and much more. It was an awesome experience. Math is my favourite subject
- Lana

We just finished training for some hard but cool Math for a competition. Math is not my favourite subject but what I learnt is how to solve money matter problems.

- Natalia

I really enjoyed being involved in the learning that ended with the money competition. It was cool as. I have learned a lot. It was a great experience. Math is my number 1 subject


I really think that the Duffy Money Group has helped me a lot. It has made me do my Maths easier and I love it. Thanks to Mrs. Raj I learnt about GST, Profit and Loss.

- Maroussia

I really think that this group learning has been fun and thanks to Miss Raj I’ve learnt about profit and loss, loans, GST and Kiwi saver.

- Ocean

For teaching us how to solve money problems thank you Mrs. Raj. We learnt about GST, Profit and loss etc. The Duffy money competition was a good experience.

- Coltrane

The Duffy money maths competition was a fantastic experience because we learnt about stuff we didn’t know. I just wanna say to all the year 7s to go hard next year on the asttle maths test. I just want to say a big thank you to Mrs. Raj for teaching us a lot about GST, Profit and Loss and for using her own time to teach us.

- Lorenzo

The Duffy Money competition was a great experience and I would like to thank Mrs. Raj for teaching me all about money and other stuff that has to do with money

- Raiden

Ever since I had joined this group I realised that I have gotten better at solving math questions.

- Anthony

I have learnt a lot of strategies and have improved in problem solving. When I grow up I want to be a teacher or a bank teller and a league player.

- Taiapa

I really enjoyed being in this competition because I learnt a lot of new strategies and it was an amazing experience. It was awesome.

- Sheralee

I liked the Duffy Money competition because it helped me learn new strategies and I also learnt about GST. I am now confident with solving problems.

- Vaegaau

During the preparation for the money problem solving competition I learnt a lot of new strategies that helped me with math problems including cross multiplication. Thanks to Mrs. Raj I am now more confident with problem solving.

- Afu

Even though I joined the group late I loved learning about GST and Kiwi saver. The competition was thrilling.

- Synergy

I thought percentages and decimals were hard stuff in math. But after joining this maths competition classes it made me realise that math is not hard after all. “It’s a piece of cake!”

- Jessica

I really enjoyed being in this financial literacy programme. I hope I can get into more of these groups in the future.

- Meshaq

The Duffy money programme taught me a lot about kiwi saver, GST, interest, profit and loss, loans, credit and debit and much more.

- Longoa’a

Friday, August 20, 2010

Norman Playing The Vuvuzela

Yes, I’m playing a Vuvuzela!

I was fortunate to get to blow a vuvuzela which my teacher Mrs Sigamoney brought back from South Africa. I was interested to know more about the vuvuzela so I read about it.

The vuvuzela is also known as lepatata and it is a Tswana name. It is typically a 65-centimetre (2 ft) plastic device that requires the flow of air to produce a loud monotone note. A similar device, known as the corneta is used in Brazil and other Latin American countries. Many types of vuvuzelas are made by several manufacturers, may produce varying intensity and frequency outputs. The intensity of these outputs depends on the blowing technique and pressure exerted.

Thousands of vuvuzelas were blown by soccer fans at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. I was thrilled to get the technique right and have a go at it.

Here I am playing the Vuvuzela.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bob Mc Davitt the Meteorologist

Bob Mc Davitt the former Meteorologist came to Tamaki Intermediate to talk to us year 8’s about different types of weather disasters and how they are caused.

We asked him why he became a meteorologist. It wasn’t a passion for Mr Davitt. He and his family experienced the violent storm which caused the Wahine disaster in 1968. His mum had tried to light a fire during the storm and this resulted in the roof blowing off.. This experience inspired him to take an interest in weather patterns and become a meteorologist.

When all the year 8’s assembled in the hall Ms Waetford introduced us to Mr Davitt. First he showed us the different cloud types and names. He told us how fast lightning can travel and how to know when a storm is coming. He then showed us images of what buoyancy looks like. For example a hot air balloon rising.

Mr Davitt also explained how fast lightning could travel and the size of hail stones. They were the size of a ten cents coin or bigger or smaller.

It was time for questions from the students and there were questions like, “Why are some weather predictions inaccurate?”

It was the end of his talk and the year 8 Syndicate had said thank you to Mr Davitt for teaching us new stuff about weather.

Then it was time for the classes to leave.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bob the Weather Man

What Room 2 students have learnt from Bob Mc Davitt the Meteorologist.

The Yr 8 student’s at Tamaki Intermediate School got the visit of a life time by the meteorologist Bob Mc Davitt who studies the different temperaments of weather in different parts of the world.
One of the things I took great pleasure in learning about was the water cycle. We were taught how almost infinite sums of minute droplets of water mostly known as clouds form together and produce rain which soon goes through a process called the water cycle which is basically only fluid transpiring from the earth and forming condensation which will soon become clouds. As clouds begin to bond they begin to form droplets which evaporate in to masses of smaller droplets and as a result creating rain. These steps are repeated therefore sustaining the cycle of rain.
I learnt limitless tons of knowledge and the few things that I thought most likely would help me in future was how to figure out how various disasters are caused as well as how to read satellite images of the weather

Friday, August 13, 2010

Olivia's Money Competition Reflection

The day had arrived, where we all had to compete against each other to score a final place in the Interschool competition and to be into win a Nokia Phone.

In my group was Daysha, Alysha and I. We were called Team Ollie .Before the competition started we all said to each other that it does not matter if we win or lose, it’s just having fun and learning that counts.

The competition started and the pressure was tense. It felt like my blood pressure was just about going over 75 because your whole group depended on you to find a correct answer.

Half way through the competition we were experiencing major problems because we weren’t sure if we were giving the correct answers..

Finally the competition came to an end, Paul the Duffy twin collected our test sheets .As Paul marked our papers we felt sweat running down our forehead as we anxiously watched.

He then announced the winners. We were crossing our fingers, to win a phone (at least I was).

Unfortunately team Ollie was not announced .We felt gutted that we didn’t win. But then we looked at the positive side and that was that there were still two more phones up for grabs, and all we had to do was to answer two questions to score a phone.

Paul asked what does CEO stand for and he pointed at me I felt an enormous amount of pressure on me , I didn’t say anything because I was shocked but I still had to answer that tricky question, so my answer was Chief Executive Officer.

He said that I was right; I scored a phone on the spot. In my mind I was saying’,” yes, yes, yes! I won a phone thank you, thank you, thank you.’!”

Sadly the competition came to an end .I enjoyed answering all those hard questions and learning more about kiwi saver.

Thank you Paul for helping us, understand how kiwi saver works, and thanks for giving us the chance to win a Nokia phone and I would also like to thank Mrs. Raj for preparing me for the last two weeks . You really taught me some good strategies that I can use in my future . THANK YOU!!!

Lorenzo's Money Competition Reflection

On Wednesday 11th August 2010 we the money group participated in a competition and which ever group won got a mobile phone. Unfortunately my group did not win but we were still happy about how we participated in this competition. I just want to thank Mrs Raj for dedicating her time to us and teaching us about great things, including banking which would help us help our lives. I really want to say good luck to our winners Longoa’a, Earle, Tama Jnr, Scott, Sela, and Jorjah on going to the Interschool Challenge.

Synergy's Money Competition Reflection

At last our school had been given the chance to take part in one of the most enjoyable and brain busting experiences. Out of numerous sums of form one and two student in Tamaki intermediate school a select group of enthusiastic students with a variety of different skill were chosen through sums of different test.

Luckily even though my test weren’t up to the standard I was not chosen for the select group of people but because of my enthusiasm to be in the group and the kindness of the assistant principal in charge of the group I was fortunate enough to be put in the group just before the competition had started.

I knew that if I wanted a chance in the competition that I would have to strive to do my best .I was taught numerous ways to solve equations related to GST, Intrest, and kiwi saver. I was able to consolidate all the knowledge knew as well as extra information.

When I arrived for my first time at the money I was split into a group of 3 which was great because it would help when the competition had come .I listen precisely to our entire instructors step and on the day of the competition the steps had been really handy. But because I had focused more on the mathematical side money I had not been able to answer many of the questions and even though I had not won I was proud to at least take part in this knowledgeable experience.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh What a Day!

Oh what a day!

Wednesday the 11th of August 2010 had finally arrived and everybody that was involved was revising all the math strategies that they learnt over the past two weeks with Mrs. Raj. They were revising because there was a competition that was being held in the hall called ‘The Duffy Money Competition’.

The Duffy Money Competition organised by the Duffy twins Craig and Paul was all about financial literacy. We learnt a lot about assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, kiwi saver, interest, credit and debit cards and other money matters. It was terrifying at the start but as time slipped by it became extremely exciting.

In total there were 9 groups of 3. The competition was challenging but it also gave our minds a good workout. Paul hosted the competition. It took approximately an hour before our excited heart beats slowed down. At the end of the competition Paul collected all the answer sheets and marked them.

Waiting for the results was agonizing but we were over the moon when Paul read out the answers. Our group was happy because we had got almost every answer correct and we came first. In second place was Team Piggybank. Earle, Longoa’a and Tama were proud winners. They each got a brand new cell phone. Then to our surprise Paul announced that our team, Team Thingy, had come first. We also got a cell phone each and we were ecstatic. Our eyes turned to our friend Olivia who had not received a phone. Then, to our surprise Paul announced that he had two extra cell phones to give away. He asked two very hard questions and Coltrane won the first cell phone while our friend, Olivia, won the other one. We were so happy for her.

The competition was so much fun even though only two groups went through to the Inter-School Competition. Everybody had so much fun that they forgot about losing and celebrated with all their friends. We would all like to say a big thank you to Paul and his twin brother Craig for organising the competition. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Raj for preparing us for the competition. THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Berttina's Term 2 Reflection

This term has been a busy and fun term at the same time. Mrs Sigamoney is back this term from Africa which was a great start to this term.
This  term has been so cool because we  participated in different things like the media team, after school netball, Young Leader’s Conferences, school activities and  much  more.

 This term was a testing term for us year 8's to see where we are at with the National Standards and set goals for term three.

 I have been so proud of myself  because I have achieved my term goals and  I also achieved in my weakest subject  which is Mathematics. I have also improved in my spelling and basic facts test that happens every Friday morning in each classroom.  I have also met deadlines but there are  just some bits I need to work on.

Term 2 has been amazing because I am doing well in the media team.  I get to go out with the media team and fiilm  great sports events happening in and out of  our school and  positive  things that happen in our school.

 Every Tuesday afternoon the year 8 and year 7 girls play netball at the Morrin Road Courts. I am part of the year 8 team. My memorable moment this term  is when I got some goals in for our team.

This Term  was  my best term  because I went to the Young Leader’s Conference with other leaders, which was brilliant. It  had helped be become a confidentt leader.
 At our school we learn and have lots of fun. Term two has been a great term.

By Berttina

Daisha's Term 2 Reflections

This term has been like a ride you can’t get off. But a good ride of course. I’ve had some downbeat days but mostly upbeat days this term. Last term our present teacher Mrs Sigamoney was not able to be there for us . While Mrs Sigamoney was away Mrs Bailey our current Te Reo teacher, and Mrs Raj our Assistant Principal had been teaching us. We enjoyed having both teachers.

When Mrs Sigamoney made her comeback we had to get used to her way of teaching and  her expectations. She had to get used to us and our routines.

My school involvements were Soccer, Netball, Guitar, and Kapa Haka. For soccer, Mrs Sigamoney was our coach. She taught us well and we ended up coming fourth We  drew one game, lost two and won the rest. For netball our coach and part time coach  was Miss Samson and  Lana’s Dad ‘Erosita’. We have made it through to the finals and just this week we won our championship game. In guitar Ms Dekker is my teacher. She teaches me and the others the basics of guitar and in Kapa Haka  Miss Popata and Anthony's grandfather are also teaching us Kapa Haka.

I did start to sllacken a bit in these last few weeks. Next term it will be different. I will pick up my grades like a handful of water and throw them as high as I can.

Bob Mc Davitt The Meteorologist

On Tuesday 3rd of August, the yr 8’s gathered in the hall to learn all about weather from Bob Mc Davitt the Meteorologist.

Bob Mc Davitt is a well known Meteorologist who used to be a weather man on the news a few years back. He was inspired to study the weather after he and his family experienced a violent storm that happened during the Wahine Disaster in 1968.

Mr Mc Davitt had prepared a slideshow showing many different types of weathers and how they were caused.

He explained that the largest hail stone to be found within New Zealand was the same size as a 10c coin (22mm) big.

He showed us a slide where a twister destroyed a city. He said that a twister spins by the speed of 110km per hour, and that if a twister wants to transport it will transport from moving its eye from one place to another then, slowly moving its body.

My favourite part about this talk on weather was when we watched and learnt all about the different types of clouds.

Thank you Mr Bob Mc Davitt for giving us awesome information on weather. The information you have given us will help us during this term on our topic on weather disasters.