Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finacial Literacy Evaluations

We just finished an awesome session about financial literacy for a Math competition. I learnt new stuff about money such as profit, loss, interest, principal, amount, Kiwi saver and much more. It was an awesome experience. Math is my favourite subject
- Lana

We just finished training for some hard but cool Math for a competition. Math is not my favourite subject but what I learnt is how to solve money matter problems.

- Natalia

I really enjoyed being involved in the learning that ended with the money competition. It was cool as. I have learned a lot. It was a great experience. Math is my number 1 subject


I really think that the Duffy Money Group has helped me a lot. It has made me do my Maths easier and I love it. Thanks to Mrs. Raj I learnt about GST, Profit and Loss.

- Maroussia

I really think that this group learning has been fun and thanks to Miss Raj I’ve learnt about profit and loss, loans, GST and Kiwi saver.

- Ocean

For teaching us how to solve money problems thank you Mrs. Raj. We learnt about GST, Profit and loss etc. The Duffy money competition was a good experience.

- Coltrane

The Duffy money maths competition was a fantastic experience because we learnt about stuff we didn’t know. I just wanna say to all the year 7s to go hard next year on the asttle maths test. I just want to say a big thank you to Mrs. Raj for teaching us a lot about GST, Profit and Loss and for using her own time to teach us.

- Lorenzo

The Duffy Money competition was a great experience and I would like to thank Mrs. Raj for teaching me all about money and other stuff that has to do with money

- Raiden

Ever since I had joined this group I realised that I have gotten better at solving math questions.

- Anthony

I have learnt a lot of strategies and have improved in problem solving. When I grow up I want to be a teacher or a bank teller and a league player.

- Taiapa

I really enjoyed being in this competition because I learnt a lot of new strategies and it was an amazing experience. It was awesome.

- Sheralee

I liked the Duffy Money competition because it helped me learn new strategies and I also learnt about GST. I am now confident with solving problems.

- Vaegaau

During the preparation for the money problem solving competition I learnt a lot of new strategies that helped me with math problems including cross multiplication. Thanks to Mrs. Raj I am now more confident with problem solving.

- Afu

Even though I joined the group late I loved learning about GST and Kiwi saver. The competition was thrilling.

- Synergy

I thought percentages and decimals were hard stuff in math. But after joining this maths competition classes it made me realise that math is not hard after all. “It’s a piece of cake!”

- Jessica

I really enjoyed being in this financial literacy programme. I hope I can get into more of these groups in the future.

- Meshaq

The Duffy money programme taught me a lot about kiwi saver, GST, interest, profit and loss, loans, credit and debit and much more.

- Longoa’a

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maroussia said...

WOW! it looks like you guys really enjoyed this. i see that you have improved and learnt a lot more about maths.

well, hope to hear more about your work.
keep up the good work.