Friday, August 13, 2010

Olivia's Money Competition Reflection

The day had arrived, where we all had to compete against each other to score a final place in the Interschool competition and to be into win a Nokia Phone.

In my group was Daysha, Alysha and I. We were called Team Ollie .Before the competition started we all said to each other that it does not matter if we win or lose, it’s just having fun and learning that counts.

The competition started and the pressure was tense. It felt like my blood pressure was just about going over 75 because your whole group depended on you to find a correct answer.

Half way through the competition we were experiencing major problems because we weren’t sure if we were giving the correct answers..

Finally the competition came to an end, Paul the Duffy twin collected our test sheets .As Paul marked our papers we felt sweat running down our forehead as we anxiously watched.

He then announced the winners. We were crossing our fingers, to win a phone (at least I was).

Unfortunately team Ollie was not announced .We felt gutted that we didn’t win. But then we looked at the positive side and that was that there were still two more phones up for grabs, and all we had to do was to answer two questions to score a phone.

Paul asked what does CEO stand for and he pointed at me I felt an enormous amount of pressure on me , I didn’t say anything because I was shocked but I still had to answer that tricky question, so my answer was Chief Executive Officer.

He said that I was right; I scored a phone on the spot. In my mind I was saying’,” yes, yes, yes! I won a phone thank you, thank you, thank you.’!”

Sadly the competition came to an end .I enjoyed answering all those hard questions and learning more about kiwi saver.

Thank you Paul for helping us, understand how kiwi saver works, and thanks for giving us the chance to win a Nokia phone and I would also like to thank Mrs. Raj for preparing me for the last two weeks . You really taught me some good strategies that I can use in my future . THANK YOU!!!


Mrs Kelly said...

Olivia - did you really win a phone? That's fantastic! Great piece of writing - you make us all proud!

Berttina Rm2 said...

Hey Olivia, I like your piece of writing and it sure sounded like a lot of pressure for you and your team.
It's very good you won a phone.